SecurStar Releases New Enterprise Version for Data Loss Prevention

DCPP Enterprise 3.0 Whole Disk Encryption

Mar 21, 2011, 14:30 ET from SecurStar USA

IRVINE, Calif., March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SecurStar, ( makers of the award winning DriveCrypt ( software, release a significant upgrade to their existing Enterprise version. "We redesigned the architecture from the ground up with mid and large enterprises in mind. Our 3.0 release scales and provides a robust set of features Administrators will appreciate," said Michael McKinzie, SecurStar's Director of Business Development.

SecurStar's DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) Enterprise is fully compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7, and provides full disk encryption (FDE) using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST FIPS PUB 197) approved algorithm, AES. "We build our products based on well adopted security standards and meet the stringent requirements of government, law enforcement and private industry," he added.

DCPP Enterprise 3.0 supports remote users, branch offices, and traditional LAN based users and supports a variety of directory services including Active Directory, LDAP, and Novell Directory Services. "Administrators have extended reach with 3.0 to enforce encryption policies anytime and anywhere a user has a network connection," McKinzie noted.

DCPP Enterprise is designed to provide comprehensive protection against data theft and loss. DCPP Enterprise 3.0 provides full disk encryption with centralized management, reporting and control. In addition support for portable media such as flash drives and portable hard drives is a standard feature.

"Our enterprise version is designed well with an easy to understand licensing model. There has been quite a bit of consolidation in the industry over the past year and customers are not certain what the future will hold. We are seeing better than expected growth which we attribute to it, and believe with the release of 3.0 it will only get better," said Wilfried Hafner, SecurStar's President and CEO.

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