Seeing the Web Through the Lens of People's Opinions

Appinions launches new software platform for media companies and researchers

Dec 14, 2010, 07:55 ET from Appinions

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Appinions™ today introduced a whole new way of seeing the Web – through the lens of people's opinions.  Instead of reading countless pages of Web content delivered by conventional search tools, Appinions surfaces what really matters, the opinions key influencers are expressing across the Web, social media and blogs.

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The technology underlying this game-changing innovation is a suite of easily configurable, opinion-based applications based on a sophisticated opinion extraction and aggregation platform launched by New York-based Appinions.  The company currently targets two markets: publishers and media companies on the Web, as well as brand managers, advertisers, marketers and other research organizations.

Appinions is also introducing a number of downloadable online opinion apps that demonstrate how to harness the power of opinions and experience the next generation of Web content presentation.

"Existing search technology is holding back Web-based media and giving them all a tired sameness," said Larry Levy, co-founder and CEO of Appinions.  "We are giving media companies a fresh new way to engage readers and keep them on their site, and that has a direct line to driving advertising revenue.  For marketers and researchers, we are empowering them to learn at Web-speed what people are saying, most notably key influencers, about the brands, products and related topics they manage."

Appinions is already being used by companies such as The Economist, real-time broadcast monitoring company Critical Mention and educational publisher Cengage/Gale. There are more than half a dozen new customers launching applications in Q1 2011.

Ron Diorio, vice president, product and community development, The Economist Online, said, "Our goal for The Economist Online is to be the premiere destination for intelligent conversation and debate.  We worked closely with Appinions to develop the opinion cloud as a feature to help our readers discover conversations across the site. Appinions worked with us to refine and improve the feature's topical results prior to launch.  We were able to launch the feature with a satisfied sponsor and with user engagement that exceeded our projected targets."


Appinions app suite can be quickly implemented and configured for any website or marketing research dashboard.  

  • Appinions Lens™– Automatically see opinions from across the Web relevant to topics found in any article
  • Appinions Cubes ™– Surface opinions based on any pre-selected topic such as WikiLeaks, energy or health care
  • Appinions Heads™ – Group opinions around popular themes such as Sports Appinions™(players, teams and events) or Celebrity Appinions™, which delivers the latest news and gossip about more than 1,600 celebrities
  • Appinions W3 for Politics™ – Search for political opinions by keyword, topic or opinion holder for a quick understanding of who's saying what in the political landscape. Appinions W3 for Politics™ can be configured to cover any topic or sector

Pricing and availability

The pricing model for Appinions is based on the applications installed and their usage. A growing number of Appinions applications are available today for configuration and implementation.

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About Appinions

Founded in 2007, Appinions, formerly known as Jodange, is a New York-based, privately-owned software solution provider that has created Appinions, the industry's first Opinions Intelligence applications, enabling researchers and publishers to automatically mine, analyze, and summarize opinion to gain insight into what people and organizations are saying, thinking and feeling.

Our patent-pending technology, developed over the past decade by a team of world-class researchers at Cornell University, powers a sophisticated, comprehensive and feature-rich SaaS platform for opinion-based applications.  For more information, visit

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