Seldera Launches "Building Dynamics"

System analyzes and reduces building energy consumption

Feb 19, 2013, 09:41 ET from Seldera

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Seldera announced today that it has launched Building Dynamics, a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform that helps building owners and managers track and reduce building energy consumption. Building Dynamics correlates energy demand with occupant behavior to give users valuable insights on reducing waste.

Building Dynamics consists of a system of lightweight meters and sensors that monitor building conditions while extracting patterns of tenant and occupant use. An online analytics component then examines the data to identify opportunities for savings. Building owners and managers can view the data at any time via a secure online portal and can also receive emails with recommendations for additional energy-saving opportunities. Information collected by Building Dynamics can be used to make continuous adjustments to building management system (BMS) controls and to quantify the savings resulting from those adjustments.  

"Building owners, managers and the public are increasingly concerned with energy efficiency and rising energy costs, but without knowing occupancy patterns, it's difficult to measure building performance," said Andreas Savvides, Ph.D., executive vice president of Seldera. "The idea of buildings that can monitor the way occupants use energy and then react accordingly is becoming increasingly important. Real-time, automatic adjustments to lighting, heating and cooling systems and power equipment based on actual usage data provide exciting and significant energy and cost savings."

Building Dynamics has industrial and commercial uses, allowing building owners and managers to customize schedules to occupant activities, separate building and manufacturing loads, track energy performance during upgrades, automate savings and make better operating decisions. Schools can use Building Dynamics to monitor performance from a central location, identify conservation projects and exploit frequently changing schedules to realize savings.

Savvides said Seldera participated in the spring 2012 TechStart program run by Connecticut Innovations, where the New Haven-based company's founders received business coaching and funding. Initial deployments of Building Dynamics have shown that the payback is 18 months or less; the installation may also qualify for utility rebates.

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