SelecTech™ Announces "SelectAgain™" Take-Back Program

Proprietary Manufacturing Process Allows Product to be Returned and Reused in the Production of New Products

May 29, 2012, 14:05 ET from SelecTech, Inc.

BOSTON, May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SelecTech, the manufacturer of SelecTile™ and FreeStyle™ interlocking floor tiles, has always been committed to creating a valuable product from scrap plastics.  By using post-consumer carpet scrap to manufacture its FreeStyle and SelecTile free-floating floor tiles, last year alone SelecTech was able to keep 500,000 lbs of scrap from entering the waste stream.  Now they have a way to keep that scrap out of landfills, for good. 


FreeStyle and SelecTile, with up to 50% post-consumer content, were invented specifically to use waste carpet tiles.  Their patented formulation makes use of this waste material to provide superior physical properties.  Better still, they are able to keep any waste tiles out of landfills with their SelectAgain program.  SelecTech's water-proof floor tiles are 100% recyclable and can be returned for a credit that would be applied against any future purchases of new products.  Tiles that have reached the end of their useful life, or any scrap tiles resulting from cutting waste, are eligible for the SelectAgain program. 

Tom Ricciardelli, President of SelecTech, said, "We founded our company with the mission of creating unique and valuable products from waste plastics.  We invented our floor tiles to provide a closed-loop solution to the industry.  They are made from recycled materials, are easy to recover since they're not glued to the floor, and can be used 100% to make new tiles." 

Founded in 1994, SelecTech, Inc. is a recycling solutions provider and manufacturer of high-quality products made from undesirable plastic waste.  Utilizing high-tech innovations that effectively reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills by efficient reprocessing, SelecTech, Inc. converts a negative to a positive.  SelecTech, Inc. is committed to delivering a high degree of satisfaction to the end-users of their products, and they are a premier provider of innovative, tangible solutions to carpet recycling.  For further information, please visit or contact SelecTech, Inc. at 1-877-738-4537.

SOURCE SelecTech, Inc.