Selerant Reinvents the Crystal Ball

Selerant Launches B/I Analytics for DevEX PLM

Jan 15, 2016, 09:37 ET from Selerant Corporation

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Selerant ( announced today that it has launched Product Portfolio Management (PPM) as a Business Intelligence (B/I) Analytics tool. Key analytics will enable process manufacturers to forecast product trends and access critical data for future project status. The PPM module will be fully integrated in DevEX Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

This tool provides analytics, reporting, and dashboard data to answer critical questions:

  • How can I track key metrics for an entire product lifecycle—from idea to launch?
  • Which projects should we initiate?
  • Which projects should we continue?
  • Which projects should we terminate?
  • Do the product portfolios meet our financial objectives?
  • Are we in compliance with all the regions where we manufacture/distribute/sell?
  • Do we have adequate resources for this project?
  • What are the costs of the resources needed?

"The biggest issue facing many industry leaders is creating a comprehensive and accurate picture of where they've been, where they're at right now, and where they're headed," explains Paul Cegles, Selerant Director of Product Portfolio Management. "In the past, they had to manually enter data into multiple spreadsheets with no true methods to provide up-to-date, exact data. Even then, the results had to constantly be reinterpreted to be understandable and make critical decisions."

Selerant's Product Portfolio Management (PPM) integrates the data found in DevEX as well as legacy systems, such as ERP and Supply Chain. PPM provides clear, actionable results in configurable widgets in the DevEX home page. Authorized team members can instantly see snapshots of all decision-critical data in user-friendly formats like charts, go/no go (green check/red x), and alerts.

"Most importantly, PPM tracks all key metrics for every stage of every product—from idea through actual launch.  Tracking not only allows you to compare, but easily access the data your need.  Instead of spending hours, days, or weeks crunching numbers, you can access your past results, current status, or projected trends for any product line—in an instant," says Cegles. "While we may not have an actual crystal ball, PPM delivers actionable results that can provide distinct direction for product management."

Learn more about Product Portfolio Management here.

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