: Year 2009 Sales up by 1.9 %

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    PARIS, January 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
    - Lift During Q4
    - Roland Tripard Appointed Chairman of the Management Board
    - Drop in the Real Estate Market has Come to a Halt
    - Q4-2009 Sales up by 4.4%
    - 4.3% Annual Increase in ARPC to EUR339
    Year 2009 consolidated sales up by 1.9% standing at EUR73.0m.

(All changes are based on a comparison with the same period in 2008, unless stated otherwise).

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        Revenues (EUR'000)        As at 31st  As at 31st          Change
                                    December    December
                                        2009        2008
    Classified ads                    56.373      54.580    1.793      +3.3%
    - Paris area                      26.721      26.253      468      +1.8%
    - Regions                         29.652      28.327    1.325      +4.7%
    Online advertising and
    partnerships                       3.903       3.585      318      +8.9%
    Direct services to internet
    users                              1.384       1.395      -11      -0.8%

    Total classified ads and
    media                             61.660      59.560    2.100      +3.5%

    Services: agency website
    design and listing                 5.318       5.876     -558      -9.5%

    Real estate software Périclès      6.068       6.231     -163      -2.6%

    TOTAL revenues                    73.045      71.667    1.379      +1.9%

<< Housing resale volumes and transaction prices hit the bottom during Q3 2009.The increases observed during the fourth quarter are signs of a recovering market. A favourable comparison basis leads us to believe that the French real estate market is still mending. Despite a bearish environment, we have achieved a 1.9% increase in our year 2009 sales, coupled with acceleration at year-end. By reaching the peak of our full year target range, our economic model has proven steady and resilient. We move towards 2010 with optimism. Lastly, I wish to thank the Supervisory Board and Denys Chalumeau for their confidence and support shown in appointing me Chairman of the Management Board" declared Roland Tripard, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Group

Internet traffic is gaining pace; this is evidenced by the 21% increase in the number of unique visitors over the year. Note that the month of December generally constitutes a low point in seasonal figures.

                       December 09 December 08   Change
    Number of ads        2,267,000   2,340,000     -3%
    Number of unique
    visitors*            2,271,000   1,884,000     21%
    Number of visits     9,719,000   7,760,000     25%
    Number of pages    131,555,000 112,550,000     17%

Source: Google Analytics and *: Mediamétrie // NetRatings.

The new website launched at the end of September 2009 constitutes a genuine success as is shown by the continued increase in traffic. The Seloger iPhone application uses the newly added geo localisation features. It offers a strong mobile user experience and our clients benefit from a localised approach of the Internet. The free Seloger iPhone application was launched in September 2009; it continues to break records in terms of audience and has surpassed the mark of 180 000 downloads since launch. As a leader in innovation, the Group has just launch the first property search application available on the Android Market.

- The 2009 year Classified Ads and Media sales figure has recorded an increase of 3.5% to EUR61.7m and of 2.5% on a like-to-like basis (excluding the incorporation of Belles Demeures).

The upturn of the Classified Ads activity during the fourth quarter 2009 (+1.6%) followed a 2.9% decrease during the third quarter; this reflects the stabilisation of the market.

The Group posted a net increase of 38 clients invoiced for Classified Ads during Q4 2009 essentially located in the Regions. The average domestic basket increased by 4.3% to EUR339 against December 2008, in line with estimations made at the start of the year which forecast annual growth below 5%. The average basket in the Paris Region increased by 3.4% to EUR422 over the whole year. As announced, the air gap, which occurred during third quarter 2009, was erased. In the Regions, the average basket increased by more than 5% over the year to stand at EUR291.

                          Dec-09   Sept-09 June-09 March-09 Dec-08

                                        Paris area

    Number of customers      4.365   4.357   4.368    4.350  4.385
    ARPC in Euros              422     413     421      417    408
    Number on points of      5.399   5.302   5.385    5.296  5.421


    Number of customers      7.601   7.571   7.618    7.588  7.644
    ARPC in Euros              291     286     281      276    277
    Number on points of     11.195  10.844  10.996   10.698 10.667


    Number of customers     11.966  11.928  11.986   11.938 12.029
    ARPC in Euros              339     332     332      328    325
    Number on points of     16.594  16.146  16.381   15.994 16.088

    - Online advertising and partnerships achieved an annual
      increase of 8.9%. In the aftermath of the Q3 2009 rebound, (+37.7%)
      growth continued above the annual trend during Q4 2009. This trend is
      especially significant in the context of a 6% decrease in the display

    - Website design and listing: the 9.5% drop in annual figures
      must not obliviate the 64.4% growth during Q4 2009. This activity,
      which benefits from a favourable comparison basis, has established the
      efficiency of its new economic model based on annual subscription
      renewed by tacit agreement and monthly payments. This model was first
      developed for directory listing contracts in mid 2008; it is now
      extended to website design services and hosting.

    - Real estate software Périclès remains highly sensitive to
      the low number of estate agency creations. Despite a 2.6% drop in
      annual figures, the activity experienced a rebound in Q4 and arrested
      the decline of Q3.

Year 2009 Outlook

The annual targets announced by the Group at the start of the year remained unchanged throughout their term, i.e. a sales figure ranging between EUR70m and EUR73m, with Ebitda ranging between EUR35m and EUR37m. The release of an annual sales figure standing at EUR73m leads us to confirm the upper mark of the Ebitda target for 2009.

Roland Tripard, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Group concludes: "The strengthening of the real estate market constitutes a positive element for the acceleration of our development in 2010. This should be gradual throughout the year; considering the subscription system, extended to almost all Group revenues, the growth in client numbers slightly precedes growth in turnover. We remain watchful of the fragile financial position of certain clients at the opening of this year.

Faced with weakened competition, we have taken advantage of the year 2009 to enforce our position in each and every market key point: Internet traffic, new products for real estate professionals, innovative services for users... All the Group teams have carried out these successes; they have opened the door for a new year of development. New clients and improved penetration of new services will lead future growth."

Appointment of Roland Tripard to the position of Chairman of the Management Board

Denys Chalumeau informed the Supervisory Board of his decision to step down as Chairman of the Management Board.

Following the proposal made by Amal Amar, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and co-founder of the Group, and with the full approval of Denys Chalumeau, the Supervisory Board appointed Roland Tripard to the position of Chairman of the Management Board. He maintains his current role as Chef Executive Officer. Denys Chalumeau and Amal Amar commented "Roland Tripard has demonstrated his capacity to pilot the Group and to reach targets in a challenging environment. He has employed his managerial skills with teams within the respect of Group values."

    Group co-founder, Denys Chalumeau wished to maintain two missions:

    - Participate in strategic decisions by admission on the
      Supervisory Board. His appointment will be proposed at the next annual
      General Meeting.

    - Maintain his role of council to top management and teams in
      charge of innovation.

Denys Chalumeau concluded: "my presence on the Supervisory Board will allow me to be assured of the perusal of values which contribute to the Group's success; offer to each an open space of expression and creativity, propose an enthusing environment, maintain a collaborative team spirit, share success... Often debased, these values are successfully carried by the Group that Amal Amar and I created almost 20 years ago. I will also remain the promoter of innovation within the Group. My vision for has not changed: the Group should pursue its mission as the real estate benchmark by providing agencies all the innovations required for an increasingly performing services offer: excellent availability, wealth of content, precision of detail, fluid mapping, search by neighbourhood... Our aim is to reproduce our presence in the Paris Region, throughout France."

    * : Ebitda: Earnings before interests, tax, depreciation and amortization.

                       2009 Consolidated Sales by quarter

                Revenues (EUR'000)             Q4-2009 Q4-2008 Change
    Classified ads                              14.435  14.201  +1.6%
    - Paris area                                 6.756   6.157  +9.7%
    - Regions                                    7.679   8.045  -4.5%
    Online advertising and partnerships          1.252   1.102 +13.7%
    Direct services to internet users              325     412 -21.1%
    Total classified ads and media              16.012  15.715  +1.9%

    Services: agency website design and
    listing                                      1.467     892 +64.4%

    Real estate software Périclès                1.504   1.582  -4.9%

    TOTAL revenues                              18.983  18.189  +4.4%

       Revenues (EUR'000)   Q3-2009 Q2-2009 Q1-2009 Q3-2008 Q2-2008 Q1- 2008
    Classified ads           14.320  14.034  13.562  14.750  13.357   12.271
    - Paris area              6.716   6.764   6.520   7.595   6.488    6.013
    - Regions                 7.604   7.270   7.064   7.155   6.870    6.258
    Online advertising and
    partnerships              1.021     878     833     741   1.015      726
    Direct services to
    internet users              397     331     294     395     292      295
    Total classified ads and 15.738  15.243  14.689  15.887  14.665   13.292

    Services: agency website
    design and listing        1.312   1.280   1.226   1.248   1.904    1.832

    Real estate software      1.501   1.517   1.598   1.603   1.562    1.484

    TOTAL revenues           18.551  18.039  17.513  18.737  18.131   16.609

    Coming event:
    Full-Year 2009 results
    22 March 2010 (after market closing)

The group is France's leading online real estate player, with websites and services aimed at internet users and real estate professionals.

It has become France's benchmark online marketplace for real estate classified ads with several leading sites,, and The group is also the leading provider in France for real estate transactions software solutions with Périclès.

The group gives internet users access to France's most extensive range of classified real estate ads, with more than 2.2 million ads. It also gives real estate professionals the largest platform in the market, with an audience consisting of more than 3.0 million unique visitors spending an average time of more than 20 minutes (source: Mediametrie//Netratings September 2009).'s business model is based on innovative services dedicated to real estate professionals. The company plans to maintain its growth strategy, which focuses on four main areas:

    - continuing to add new estate agent customers, in both Paris
      and the Regions;

    - improving its range of products and dedicated services for
      all types of real estate professionals;

    - introducing innovative new services for individuals planning
      a real estate transaction;

    - making selective acquisitions. has been listed on Euronext Paris (compartment B) since 30 November 2006 and is part of the following indexes: SBF 250, CAC MID 100, CAT IT and Euronext 100.

ISIN code: FR0010294595