Semcasting Introduces Audience Targeting Platform

Custom Audience Segments and Pixel-Free Targeting

Oct 28, 2010, 09:00 ET from Semcasting, Inc.

ANDOVER, Mass., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Semcasting, Inc., a leader in predictive analytics and consumer marketing data, will introduce the Semcasting Audience Targeting platform at ad:tech New York on November 3rd.  The Semcasting platform provides marketers and agencies with a breakthrough that increases qualified audience reach and drives higher returns for every online campaign.

The Semcasting Audience Targeting Solution offers:

  • Custom Audience Segments for every campaign in minutes
  • Pre-qualified audiences that are in-the-market and can afford your offering
  • Nearly 100% Market Reach using Pixel-Free Targeting
  • Automated Flight Optimization and full Ad Network Integration

The unique value proposition of Semcasting Audience Targeting is the ability to connect an advertiser's offline customer base with online prospects that are both in the market and can afford your offer.  Every campaign can now be based on consumers who have voted with their wallets for the product or service being offered.  A custom predictive model is created for each campaign in a matter of hours, identifying who looks most like your customers and where they can be found online.  We automate the process of creating custom audience segments using our patented genetic algorithms, dramatically improving targeting precision over pre-packaged data exchanges. 

"At Semcasting we believe that a 360-degree view of individual intent and buying power for every campaign is the difference that online marketers have been looking for," according to Ray Kingman, CEO.

Semcasting Audience Targeting is based on proprietary consumer data that includes over 1,000 demographic, behavioral, affluence, ownership, and consumer purchasing variables covering over 200 million U.S. individuals.  The breadth and depth of coverage in this data is used to qualify and validate each target audience without tracking pixels or placing cookies to create segmentation schemes.  

Using packaged segmentation schemes, current audience targeting methods "associate" buying intent from memberships, site visits, or online purchases.  According to comScore, these methods only reach 30% of the available online audience.  Semcasting offers a pixel-free targeting solution with automated campaign flight generation that identifies 100% of your best prospects at run-of-network rates. The platform interfaces with the top ad networks providing nearly 95% coverage of the online U.S. audience.  Marketers are now able to leverage low-cost inventory, turning it into pre-qualified audience segments with lifts that typically run 1.5 to 7 times run-of-network click-thru rates in the top Decile.  

About Semcasting

Semcasting is a supplier of predictive data solutions that help direct marketers and agencies better target online and offline customers, discover new market opportunities, manage risk, and detect fraud. The company's patented software platform uses existing data to create predictive models that are applied to over 200 million individuals and 120 million households, making more accurate projections about future customer behavior. Semcasting licenses its proprietary data to some of the largest data compilers in the industry and supports over 800 campaigns a year in the financial, telecommunications, non-profit, franchise and retail industries.  For more information, visit

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Ray Kingman

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