Sempra Energy Falsely States That the Order to Close its Mexican LNG Unit 'Energia Costa Azul' is Revoked, States Landowner

Judge Only Granted Sempra the Right to be Heard on the Matter, Matter is Still Active

Jun 30, 2010, 13:17 ET from Landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie

SAN DIEGO, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- In a press release dated June 28th Sempra Energy misrepresented the terms of a court order relating to the closure of its Mexican LNG Unit, "Energia Costa Azul."  

The press release states, "Sempra LNG…today reported that a Mexican federal appeals court has revoked a June 17 district court order that had directed Mexican regulatory agencies to suspend authorizations for the operations of Sempra LNG's liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal..."

This statement is inaccurate in that the recent decision only gave Sempra the right to be heard on the matter relating to the Provisional Suspension, states Sanchez Ritchie. The "Grievance" which was filed and won by SEMPRA, only succeeded in allowing them to add a "peritaje" (certain specialist/expert analysis), regarding the "Definitive Suspension" prior to the court hearing and ruling over the revocation and cancellation of Energia Costa Azul's operating permits.

The court order stems from a land dispute between Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie and Sempra over a parcel of land adjacent to the LNG Plant that presents an imminent threat to the health and safety of Sanchez Ritchie and his family should the plant continue its normal operations.

"We are arguing the irregularities such as a document that SEMPRA states grants them exemption to NOT require a buffer zone with no evidence of an Environmental Study or Analysis justifying the exemption for the buffer zone as is required. The arbitrary and unilateral decision by an officer of SEMARNAT, summarily and illegally left Sanchez Ritchie, and possibly other Mexican citizens, with no protection in the event of a catastrophic disaster as has been demonstrated in past energy disasters," stated C.E. Cortes, Sanchez Ritchie's spokesperson.

"There is no way Sempra can continue to operate against the law in Mexico. Even baseball fields need a setback cushion. How can this LNG plant be the exception to the rule when you consider that it stores, gasifies and distributes 1 Billion cubic feet of gas per day in addition to injecting nitrogen to create pressure just three meters from my property? I consider that to be highly dangerous," said Sanchez Ritchie.

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SOURCE Landowner Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie