Sen. Harry Reid's Pro-Life Posturing Doesn't Match His Record

Oct 06, 2010, 11:02 ET from 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Sen. Harry Reid has long campaigned as a pro-life politician. 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid, an independent committee, has taken a closer look at his record and found the following troubling votes:

  1. "NO" on prohibiting federal funding for organizations that provide abortion. Vitter (R-LA) amendment to the Harkin (D-IA) to H.R. 3043 (FY2008 Labor-HHS Appropriations). October 18, 2007. Vote #379.
  2. "YES" on protections for illegal abortions. Hatch substitute amendment to S. 636 (Abortion Clinic Access bill). November 16, 1993. Vote #372.
  3. "NO" on defining an unborn child as a child in the SCHIP program. Allard (R-CO) amendment to S. Con. Res. 70 (FY2009 Budget Resolution). March 14, 2008. Vote #81.
  4. "NO" on prohibiting funding of organizations that support coercive abortion. September 6, 2007. Vote #318.
  5. "NO" on codifying the unborn child rule. August 2, 2007. Vote #302
  6. "NO" to barring funds for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) unless they have stopped activity in China or unless China no longer performs coerced abortions. September 21, 1995. Vote #456.
  7. "NO" to reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which would require all groups receiving federal funding for overseas development from performing or promoting abortion. November 1, 1995. Vote #561.
  8. "NO" to barring federal funding for UNFPA unless it shuts down operations in China. November 15, 1995. Vote #575.
  9. "NO" to allowing hospitals that lose their accreditation due to their refusal to perform abortion services to continue to receive federal funding. March 19, 1996. Vote #39.
  10. "YES" to the early release of $385,000,000 in "international family planning" money. February 25, 1997. Vote #13.
  11. "NO" to prohibiting fetal tissue, cells, or organs obtained from a embryo or fetus after an induced abortion. September 4, 1997. Vote #215.
  12. "NO" to allowing Senate consideration of a partial birth abortion ban. October 20, 1999. Vote #332.
  13. "YES" to weakening a proposed partial birth abortion ban. October 20, 1999. Vote #335.
  14. "NO" to requiring anyone receiving fetal tissue as a result on an abortion to disclose information about it. October 21, 1999. Vote #338.
  15. "YES" to distributing the morning after pill on school grounds. June 30, 2000. Vote #169.

Audrey Mullen, a spokeswoman for the Committee, commented that, "These are just a few votes that underscore Sen. Reid's utter hypocrisy on abortion. He talks a good game to the pro-life community, but votes consistently to support non-profits advocating abortion or providing abortion funding and promoting abortion in the third world and China. The votes on partial birth abortion speak for themselves, as does his support for measures that weaken parental rights and the legal rights of the unborn. It is an outrage that in 2009, Sen. Reid received a 100% rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and a 93% rating from Planned Parenthood. Nevadans need to know that he's lying when he claims to support their values."

'1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid' exists online at for the purpose of educating the public about Senator Reid's voting record and raising the funds necessary to finance television and radio ads this fall. It is an independent 527 committee chaired by Nevada resident and former U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian. Voters are encouraged to visit the website and use the interactive quiz function to see how their views align with Senator Reid's votes.

SOURCE 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid