Senior Statesmen and Nobel Prize Winners Will Attend the 2012 Baku International Humanitarian Forum on October 4-5

Oct 03, 2012, 07:07 ET from Azerbaijan Monitor

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

A high-profile line-up of world-renowned statesmen and scientists is expected to attend the 2012 Baku International Humanitarian Forum, which will kick off October 4th in the capital city of Azerbaijan. 

Eleven Nobel Prize winners, ten former presidents, five emeritus professors and over 50 prominent public and political figures from 70 countries and some of the world`s leading international organisations will discuss the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, exchanging views on a wide range of humanitarian cooperation issues.

The Baku International Humanitarian Forum is a high-profile global scientific and political platform whose main goal is to provide impetus to solutions of major humanitarian problems, along with bringing humanitarian issues to the forefront of the global agenda.

The task of the Forum is to build a common ground for the exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge, ideas, as well as for constructive debates and discussions. The results of the Forum are embodied in recommendations and calls to action for international organisations, states as well as individuals.

The Forum this year will feature round-table discussions on the following themes:

  • Humanitarian aspects of economic growth models;
  • Converging technologies and outlines of future;
  • Modern mass media and new challenges;
  • Traditional system of values in a post-modernist culture;
  • New methodological approaches to the processes of globalization in the 21st century;
  • Technologies, changing a view on modern medicine, and molecular biology;
  • Multiculturalism and cultural self-consciousness;
  • Multiculturalism in the life of a society.

Last year,  the First Baku International Humanitarian Forum took place under the motto "The 21st Century: Hopes and Challenges" in accordance with a decision of the First Azerbaijan-Russia Forum on Humanitarian Cooperation, which was held in Baku on the initiative of the presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation in 2010.

The Forum featured lively discussions on multicultural topics ranging from modern technologies that changed the world to the convergence of sciences, from biotechnologies and ethical problems to humanitarian aspects of economic development models and traditional value systems in postmodern culture. After the success of the first edition, President Aliyev decided to make the Forum an annual event.

Tours of the capital Baku and surrounding regions of Azerbaijan will be organized for the participants of the event. They will also be introduced to the rich cultural legacy and art of the Azerbaijani people.

SOURCE Azerbaijan Monitor