Seniors Keep their Independence This Fourth of July, with Sally's Care Home

While caring for elders in every capacity is their passion, the folks at Sally's Residential Care Home love to see independent minded seniors stay in charge of their lives.

Jun 28, 2013, 20:39 ET from Sally's Residential Care Home

CAMARILLO, Calif., June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to assisted living, Camarillo is an established region, thanks to its weather and its proximity to so many of the resident seniors' families. Assisted living in Southern California is one of the most popular choices and Camarillo benefits from being close to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. However, among nursing homes in Southern California, Sally's Residential Care Home welcomes residents of a wide range of daily schedule preferences.

Independent seniors who nonetheless choose to live in a place where adequate care is assured choose Sally's Care Home in Camarillo, as do seniors who benefit from a more routine daily schedule arranged by the staff. This Fourth of July is a reminder that the independence the USA stands for extends to citizens of every age group.

Camarillo is a city known for its warm weather, its placid, suburban atmosphere, its large number of medical centers, and of course for its high quality of senior housing. Camarillo is known the world over as one of the ideal places to move when you retire, or choose to seek nursing care later in life.

What many don't know, however, is that Camarillo has a rebellious, independent side, as well. The Latino founders of Camarillo were too proud to let their township lose its Latino culture after the territory became part of the United States, and they held onto their heritage. In the same spirit, Camarillo's valuable real estate prices have not deterred the city from its commitment to agriculture, and consequently, Camarillo refuses to zone its farmlands for residential development, despite the potential profitability of the change. If you or a loved one are an independent-minded senior, and wish to do things your own way, that spirit is welcome in Camarillo's premier residential care home for seniors.

There are, of course, scheduled meal times at Sally's Care Home. The special, dietetic meals prepared by the staff are most effective at promoting health when seniors follow the prescribed schedule. However, Sally's Care Home does not require that seniors shun eating during non-scheduled times, or avoid making special food requests. Residents at Sally's Care Home cite the ample snacks provided any time of day among their favorite perks of living there.

Moreover, the residential rooms are decorated and appointed with seating and beds, to be sure, but residents are not required, by any means to stick to the decorating scheme provided by the staff. Numerous residents bring their own special touches to their personal space. After all, Sally's Care Home is a home, and the staff wants it to feel that way.

There are plenty of options for a variety of senior lifestyles at the three houses that currently comprise Sally's Residential Care Home. Call 805-701-1246 or go to the nursing home's website at for more information.

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