Seoree, Korean brand of organic fruit, to launch in the U.S.

Premium Korean produce distributor latest company to benefit from new U.S.-Korea free-trade agreement

Jul 09, 2013, 11:21 ET from Seoree

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Seoree (pronounced "sah-ree"), a premium Korea-based produce distributor, today announced it is making its official debut into U.S. markets with an upcoming brand launch at a private salon-style reception in Washington, D.C. The event will draw members of the Washington media elite and staff from the Korean embassy, along with international business faculty from George Washington University and representatives of other local and international business interests.

Entitled "Sneak a Bite," the reception is an opportunity to introduce the Seoree brand and its product offerings to American audiences in Washington, D.C. It will feature a demonstration by a Korean celebrity chef, and event attendees will have the opportunity to sample organic Korean fruits in a combination of specialty dishes and custom cocktails.

The event title comes from Korean tradition. According to cultural lore, in the early morning, Korean children used to sneak into the royal gardens to grab a piece of the king's delicious fruit. Seoree now wants to invite customers in American markets to share in the traditional treat of kings.

"I am excited by the opportunities that will be open to Seoree by operating within the American market," said Sung-Jin Kong, CEO of Seoree. "Our fruits, like premium apples and pears, are sourced from more than 150,000 orchards and farms around Korea. We have instituted a rigorous quality-assurance process that ensures only the best pieces of fruit – those with the proper sugar levels and the best texture – bear the Seoree label. We are confident that American consumers will also see and taste the great quality of our products," he added.

The brand launch is supported by two other Korea-based organizations: the Kim Chang Joon Future U.S.-Korea Foundation, led by former U.S. Representative Jay Kim, the first Korean-American to serve in the U.S. Congress; and the Korea Fruit Agricultural Company Federation.

Rep. Kim was recently appointed to the new South Korean president's National Economic Advisory Council, and the newly minted free-trade agreement between South Korean and the United States makes possible precisely the type of relationship Seoree is trying to create – the sharing of products and goods between nations to foster freer markets and broader cultural understanding.

"I am highly gratified to help Seoree succeed here in the United States," said Rep. Kim in a statement. "My position in both the United States and Korea allows me to encourage economic development between our nations, and the new free-trade agreement lets companies like Seoree flourish in new markets."

The invite-only event will be held at the W Hotel in Washington, D.C., on July 17, 2013.

About Seoree

Seoree is one of the top professional distributors of organic premium fruit in Korea. The company only handles the best 10 percent of fruit in Korea, and sources its produce from more than 150,000 orchards and farms across the country. Every year, Seoree co-hosts the Korean Fruit Industrial Exhibition with the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; it supplies schools in the capital city of Seoul with fruit bars and healthy snacks for Korean children; has contracted with the Korean government to franchise fruit cafes across the country at public institutions; and donates high-quality produce to Korean families in need. Across Korea, Seoree is recognized as a trusted vendor of premium produce. Visit for more information.

About Kim Chang Joon Future U.S.-Korea Foundation

The Kim Chang Joon Future U.S.-Korean Foundation researches, analyzes and recommends policies that will help spur economic growth. Headed by former U.S. Congressman Jay Kim, the primary goal of the Future U.S.-Korea Foundation is to identify, pursue and promote economic opportunities that will benefit small businessmen and women in the United States and Korea.

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