September Storms Provide Ample Reason for Car Maintenance

Sep 28, 2012, 07:33 ET from Euro Car Parts

LONDON, September 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Up and down the country drivers are being warned about poor weather conditions as the UK experiences some of the worst September weather in decades. It has been suggested that the storm lashing Britain for the last few days is the first of its kind for thirty years and the challenging conditions have made the roads tricky places to be.

Experts in the motoring industry are using the September rain and wind as an example of the sort of weather all drivers ought to be prepared to face whenever it comes along. Bad weather serves as a warning, but drivers can prepare themselves by keeping their cars in perfect condition and by examining problems that bad conditions often point out.

Car Parts experts Euro Car Parts have seen a fair amount of traffic recently from people who are responding to the way their cars have failed to handle tricky weather conditions. Acting quickly when you know that your brakes, suspension, steering, electrics, lights are not performing well enough to deal with the autumn weather represents good practice.

The team at Euro Car Parts is firmly behind those drivers that are willing to act fast to make the roads safer over the autumn and winter period. Performing all sorts of ordinary maintenance tasks helps ensure your car is prepared for weather like the latest September storm, so motorists are advised to pay attention to the way their car behaves when things get tricky and with the recent heavy rainfall wiper blades should be checked thoroughly.

A service is a good idea at this time of year because motoring conditions do change with cold, wet weather and they put more strain on your car. The autumn and winter climate can also take their toll on major components under the bonnet (like the car battery, spark plugs and alternator) and you need everything to be in good nick if you are to get through the winter comfortably and safely.

The team at Euro Car Parts have numerous offers and promotions in place currently on oils, additives, brakes and other parts as a means of helping motorists prepare their cars and garages to provide a great service.

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