SerialTek Enhances 12Gb SAS Analysis Capability with the Introduction of the 12Gb SAS Splitter

Aug 20, 2012, 06:00 ET from SerialTek

DURHAM, N.H., Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SAS Plugfest -- SerialTek announces today the availability of the 12Gb SAS Splitter, targeted for 12Gb SAS protocol test and development. The SAS Splitter allows users to easily and transparently analyze 12Gb SAS signals and protocol simultaneously, when used in conjunction with SerialTek's BusXpert Pro II protocol analyzer and a high-bandwidth oscilloscope. 

The SAS Splitter operates by using an analog splitter to drive copies of the input signal to multiple destinations, including another SAS device, the analyzer and optionally, an oscilloscope. The splitter includes adjustable linear signal conditioners which can be tuned to compensate for effects introduced by extra cable lengths, connectors and board traces. A total of four bidirectional SAS channels may be analyzed using a single SAS Splitter, BusXpert Pro II Analyzer, and one or more scopes. The SAS Splitter provides 16 SMA connectors for connecting the scope(s), allowing the user to view all 4 bidirectional, differential lanes using 16 scope channels, or with just a 4-channel scope he can view 4 lanes in one direction as single-ended signals.

"The SAS transmitter training protocol adds new development challenges for our customers, making it more important than ever to be able to see the traffic as both analog signals and higher-level protocol," said Dale Smith, SerialTek President and CTO. "SerialTek's 12Gb SAS Splitter is the perfect solution for those who need to view training sequences with both a scope and a protocol analyzer." He added,  "Another value the 12Gb SAS Splitter provides is a completely analog and minimally intrusive option for getting 12Gb SAS devices to link up when an analyzer is connected.  In addition to the proven active equalization method used by SerialTek's proprietary Tx Training Follower, customers can now opt instead for a connection method that minimizes any changes to the original signals. With both options available, customers can choose between two innovative signal capture methods – a purely analog method that is minimally intrusive, and a digital method that can actually clean up some dirty signaling."

SerialTek's BusXpert Pro II SAS analyzer remains the industry's leader for its powerful triggering, search, and ability to display and save the largest traces quickly. Coupled with the 12Gb SAS Splitter and a high-speed scope, the Pro II Analyzer offers a complete solution to today's developers who need to view both the higher-level protocol, and Gigabit signals in picoseconds.

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