Server Technology Launches Next Generation Sentry Power Manager 5.0 Rack-Level Data Center Power Management Solution

New user interface combines with feature-rich functionality to help manage mission critical operations more efficiently and more cost effectively

Jun 29, 2011, 07:00 ET from Server Technology Inc.

RENO, Nev., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Server Technology Inc., the global leader for Cabinet Power Distribution Unit and Power Measurement and Monitoring Solutions, today launched a significant update to the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) solution, version 5.0. "A world class interface with a single pane of glass view to manage an entire cabinet power distribution (CDU) network, incredible new functionality and flexibility -- data center professionals will be impressed with the significant innovations that we've made with this version of SPM," said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology. "SPM is the most comprehensive and affordable solution available today to measure, monitor and trend power at the rack or device level within a data center. The SPM solution provides the critical power information from IT equipment that data center management needs to make informed decisions about power and energy use," said Ewing.

"We're excited about launching SPM 5.0 for a number of reasons," said Calvin Nicholson, Senior Director of Software and Firmware Development. "The new user interface brings an intuitive, world class design and functionality to our solution, enhancing the CDU monitoring and management capabilities, especially with all the innovative features we've added," said Nicholson. "Users can set up their own custom network operations center (NOC) views for whatever they want to see – from global dashboard views down to each CDU, each cabinet, each location. The new icon-based management functionality makes it easy," added Nicholson.

SPM is a unique data management tool in that it can serve as a user interface to cabinet power information and/or as a middleware solution, integrating with a variety of existing data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions. SPM provides data center power and environmental information via an Application Programming Interface (API) for a true "single pane of glass" view. In either application, SPM allows users to manage their entire CDU network for discovery, setup, configuration and firmware upgrades, as well as receive email alerts and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap forwarding and alarms.  Additionally, SPM can monitor CDUs from APC, Raritan, Geist and others.

New features and functionality in SPM 5.0 include:

. User Defined Customer NOC views. SPM's new user interface makes it easy for users to set up their own NOC views, from a global dashboard, to each CDU, cabinet, location, outlet, outlet groups and clusters and system alarm status zones for contents, recent events and trends.

. Circuit and Line Management. Users can now balance their 3-phase lines, mapping out and managing the physical infrastructure of their power systems feeding one or many cabinets, each with one or many CDUs, to provide information, contents, recent events and trends.

. Improved Scheduling. Users can now create and save reports and schedule reports and send automatically via email, including scheduling outlet actions, device discovery reports and trends, backup, outlet group and clusters and database maintenance.

. Intelligent Data Grid Management. New Intelligent Data Filtering Technology allows users to show specific information and manage, sort and export large blocks of data instantly.

. Enhanced Search. Users can now search on virtually anything as well as have multiple search results open and worked concurrently, aided by hot links within the search.

. Automatic Firmware Upgrades. SPM will now autodiscover new CDUs and automatically upgrade the firmware when new versions are released.

. Global Thresholds. Users can now set thresholds for their CDU network globally, receiving email alerts when those thresholds are exceeded, active alarm monitoring and reports on alarm history.

. Integrated Online Help. Extensive help functionality and FAQs are now easily accessible online.

About Server Technology

For over 25 years, Server Technology has been recognized as the global leader of innovative, intelligent power distribution products and solutions for data centers, telecommunications operations and branch offices. Over 60,000 customers around the world rely on Server Technology's cabinet power distribution units (CDUs) and power management and measurement products to help reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency.

Server Technology has the largest product line in the industry, driven by the largest engineering team dedicated to power management. Driven by customer innovation, Server Technology is committed to helping companies reach their uptime, power consumption and green initiative goals. Our global company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with worldwide distribution and regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore. As an industry leader, Server Technology is proud to be a member of The Green Grid, the Data Center Alliance and is an endorser for the European Code of Conduct for ICT. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter @servertechinc or on our blog Connect with our sales team by calling 1-800-835-1515 or find us on LinkedIn.

About Sentry Power Manager (SPM)

SPM is a power monitoring, measurement and management solution designed to help data centers measure their power usage and achieve their green initiative goals. SPM is engineered for monitoring and managing multiple devices in IP-based enterprise networks. SPM provides a global view of power distribution units with the ability to monitor, trend and report on temperature, humidity, current and device status.

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