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PALM DESERT, Calif., June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- helps service providers barter the services they offer for the services they need. The brainchild of web pioneer, Steve Fuchs, the site's mission is to increase purchasing power, or as Fuchs suggests, "Raise America's standard of living." With over 40 years of business experience, including founding one of the Internet's largest law sites, Fuchs grew concerned about the self-employed and struggling families during the recession.

"I founded Barterball on one simple idea," says Fuchs, "We are all born traders," adding that "Barterball simply reconnects people with their 'inner trader' and local communities, allowing like-minded individuals to easily barter their services."

Fuchs characterizes the cash economy as inadequate, saying, "There are always more services available than money to pay for them." He believes that freelancers and service providers shouldn't depend solely on rare cash customers when they can barter their time and skills for other valuable services. "I find it amazing that the Internet lets us trade globally, but keeps us isolated from our own communities."

The site features:

--Easy, free sign-up
--Instant text and email proposal notifications
--Community rating system
--A growing, searchable database of trading partners
--Potential referrals to both cash and other barter customers
--Members may issue gift certificates, transferable to friends and family
--A "Feedback" tab on every page to encourage member comments

Fuchs, a former attorney, tells the story of a DUI defense attorney whose house needed painting. Nearby, lived a painter who was just arrested for DUI. Offline, these two would probably never meet, but technology brings people together, demonstrating how reciprocity is a powerful currency. "Money doesn't always make commerce more efficient," says Fuchs, but he concedes that barter can never replace the cash economy. In fact, several Barterball referrals led to cash customers. "Unless someone offers you a Rolls Royce for a paint job, take the cash," he jokes.

Recent trades include massage therapy for home carpet cleaning. "With the summer months being especially slow, I utilize my down time to improve my quality of life," says avid trader, Karen Beasanski of Bliss and Bodywork in Rancho Mirage.  "It's genius," she adds.
Founder Bio:

Contact: Steve Fuchs
Tel. 760-673-7359
Cell: 760-423-3532