Seven Tips to Saving Money While Preparing Your Kids for School

Jul 24, 2012, 09:35 ET from InCharge Debt Solutions

Nonprofit organization tells how to get children ready for school on a budget

ORLANDO, Fla., July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- InCharge® Debt Solutions ("InCharge"), a nonprofit credit counseling agency, has developed seven important tips for parents to follow so that preparing their kids for school can be a manageable and less stressful process.  For many Americans struggling with debt problems, the end of summer is an anxious time because school supplies, sports gear, updated clothing and other necessities can be expensive, but there are things every parent can do.



"It is important to take an objective look at what your children need for school and what you can afford," says Etta Money, InCharge's President.  "We all want to do everything we can for our kids, but for those dealing with limited financial resources or debt problems, the task can be overwhelming.  That's why we developed these steps for parents so they can prepare their young ones for school while still being able to afford their regular household expenses."

Here are seven things every parent of school-age kids should do:

1 – Prepare a written budget – just as you would prepare a guide to your overall expenses, a detailed written plan to follow as you prepare your kids for school is vital.

2 – Do an inventory – take stock of what supplies you have on hand, what you and the kids can make yourselves, and what clothing can be used again for the new school year.

3 – Develop a shopping list – eliminate what you already have from your list and write down everything you need to buy to get your student(s) ready for school to open.

4 – Look for deals – with a month or more to go, you have plenty of time to shop online for deals, look for coupons, and search the local papers for sales.

5 – Plug in the numbers – armed with the best deals you can make, take the numbers you have discovered for the items you need and work them into your household budget.

6 – Cut where needed – if the numbers don't work, you may need to spread out purchases, or make some cuts, either in the school budget or your household expenses.

7 – Make your purchases – it's time to buy, but don't forget to distinguish between "needs" and "wants," you don't want to add to your debt!

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