ShadowDragon Announces Partnership with Proofpoint to Create MalNet

MalNet visualizes and maps advanced malware threat intelligence from the Proofpoint in just seconds using ShadowDragon Maltego Transforms

Mar 08, 2016, 13:33 ET from ShadowDragon

CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber threat intelligence solutions company, has entered into a partnership with Proofpoint, a leading next-generation cybersecurity company, to develop ShadowDragon MalNet.

Fortified with advanced threat intelligence derived from the Proofpoint Emerging Threats Ruleset and Maltego Transforms, this new solution delivers real-time visualizations of malware origins and connections to help incident responders, analysts and researchers quickly take action.

"The Proofpoint Emerging Threats Ruleset is the cybersecurity industry's gold standard in actionable threat intelligence," said Daniel Clemens founder and CEO of ShadowDragon. "We are thrilled to be the first to offer a visualization solution that unifies Maltego's extensive link analysis with Proofpoint's global advanced malware database. MalNet graphics enable analysts, researchers and incident responders to visually put threats in context in just seconds. After all, speed is critical when responding to incidents that could still be in progress."

Maltego is an open source software kit that maps data through software transforms. ShadowDragon built over 100 transforms into MalNet to clearly correlate specific attack campaigns with billions of available individual indicators of compromise. This threat intelligence is critical for organizations and law enforcement alike.

"Our work with ShadowDragon is a clear example of effective information-sharing in action," said Ryan Kalember, senior vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. "The Proofpoint Emerging Threats Ruleset gathers millions of malware samples and other global threat indicators per day—and makes that threat intelligence actionable. Security teams need solutions from Proofpoint and ShadowDragon that quickly collect, validate, filter and prioritize threats."

Mr. Clemens added, "Not only does MalNet provide access to the most comprehensive malware database in the world, it complements the other ShadowDragon products in enabling a holistic threat intelligence perspective that bridges digital and physical threat verticals."

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