ShamWow!® pitchman Vince Offer returns with InVinceable®

TV personality back on the airwaves with revolutionary new cleaning product

Jan 16, 2014, 11:03 ET from Square One Entertainment

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Two years after the release of his last infomercial hit, the Schticky® reusable lint roller, legendary television pitchman Vince Offer has returned to turn the world of household cleaning upside-down once again with "the only product strong enough to have his name in it": InVinceable®.

The innovative new cleaning concept takes jobs previously handled by a multitude of different cleaners - including stain fighters and even laundry boosters - and shrinks them all down to one simple tablet. When dropped into water, the tablet releases a powerful, effervescent cleaning agent that can tackle even the toughest jobs - and when used in combination with InVinceable's unique "any angle" spray bottle, the cleaner can be applied in locations that other bottles can't reach - even upside down!

"I wanted to make sure we would bring a cleaner to market that wouldn't just be more powerful than other competitors out there, but easier to use too," said Offer. "General cleaners have never been made available in a tablet form prior to InVinceable; going to a tablet makes it easier to use your cleaner than ever before - no more measuring, no more waste... no more math!"

Ripe with Offer's trademark wit and rapid-fire style, the new InVinceable® television commercial features several of the gags and one-liners Offer fans have come to expect - from Offer quipping "I've done dirtier things than this" before performing an especially grimy demo, to a sexy model in her bedroom, seductively whispering "It's so big" ...before revealing that she is referring to a troublesome wine stain. And then there's the scene that was too edgy for many networks to allow on the air. The line itself is fairly innocuous: Offer's voice explains that InVinceable® can be used to "clean almost anything - period." It's the visual that went too far for the censors: As Offer speaks, we spot a young woman embarrassedly cleaning her underwear in the bathroom sink.

"We know the kind of reaction we're going to get from our fans when we push the envelope," Offer stated about the edgy material. "Humor has been a major component in our past successes; a good joke and a good product combined can get a lot of people talking."

Offer has become known as a master of infomercial entertainment with his previous products, including the ShamWow!®, the Slap Chop® and the Schticky®, all of which not only sold millions of units in stores but have also become some of the most popular commercials of all time, attracting tens of millions of views on YouTube, as well as millions more views through parody videos and comments by fans around the world - a feat that has been unmatched by any other pitchman in the history of television infomercial entertainment.

About InVinceable®

InVinceable® is a multi-purpose cleaning tablet which replaces general cleaners, stain fighters, and even doubles as a laundry booster. Square One Entertainment produced the commercial for the product, which stars TV personality and pitchman Vince Offer. Square One's first project, the ShamWow!® cleaning cloth, sold more than 10 million units worldwide and quickly became a household name; it was followed by further hits with the Slap Chop® kitchen utensil and the Schticky® reusable lint roller. For more information about the product, visit


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