Shareablee and WorldNow Partner to Provide Social Analytics & Deep Competitive Intelligence to the Local Media Space

May 29, 2013, 13:45 ET from WorldNow

NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- WorldNow, the leading online technology, content and revenue-solutions company for local media, continues the expansion of  its professional services by announcing today it has signed a 3 year exclusive agreement  with Shareablee, to provide social analytics to all local television, radio and newspapers in the United States. This 24/7 cloud-based social enterprise platform and leading provider of social performance insights, will enable  WorldNow to provide more effective and efficient real-time analytics to local media companies, based on data.

"I am so proud to be partnering with a world class analytics company. Social is an extremely important metric that most are only scratching the surface on. WorldNow has the tools and the team to help clients achieve clarity of their goals, set the right strategies in play and provide them with in depth data to help make informed decisions.  Together with Shareablee,  we will be  providing our clients not just with raw data, but true insights and recommendations helping to set them apart from their competitors. I truly believe that WorldNow's greatest contribution to its clients, is to help them connect, matter and monetize their audience. We have the metrics to measure growth and engagement but more importantly, to track  the correlation between their social performance and ratings," said Gary Gannaway, CEO of WorldNow.

(WorldNow published a Whitepaper this past March in which the company documented what it believes is an undeniable correlation between social media activity and television ratings.)

Shareablee's unique approach to analyzing the DNA of successful brand-created content is a perfect solution for local media organizations looking to drive higher engagement across their social communities.Shareablee currently works extensively across the media, entertainment, publishing, luxury retail and automotive verticals.

"We see a huge opportunity for local media organizations to power their social presence based on the real-time behaviors of people in their own markets. We're thrilled to be providing these unique insights to WorldNow - the most experienced group when it comes to the local media space. They bring a wealth of in depth insights, the personal touch and customization to really serve and meet each clients unique needs. Together, we are excited to drive real results and better optics and strategy as audience attention continues to fragment across new and existing social platforms. This is like the perfect marriage - it just made sense," said Tania Yuki, CEO Shareablee.

WorldNow continues to grow and innovate its product set. The company recently hired a Director of Social Media to lead its social media analytics and best practices consulting services. In the last 3 years, 13 of 14 RFP's for platform services sought by broadcasters have been awarded to WorldNow giving them the #1 market share serving over 450+ local broadcasters around the country, covering over 80% of US households. 

About Shareablee
Shareablee provides real time, actionable analytics and competitive best practices, to help brands navigate content marketing across social channels. Our Social Loyalty Platform ™ analyzes deep historical and competitive performance data, to surface unique insights regarding brand performance, customer loyalty and advocacy over time. We distill multivariate marketing options into clear recommendations via our 24/7 cloud-based enterprise platform, accompanied with full account management and tailored reporting.