Shares of 100 Top Brands Will Be Awarded to Their Biggest Fans

- will Grant Real Shares of Stocks of 100 Top Brands to Those who Prove they are the Brands' Biggest Fans as Part of the "Own Your Brand" Contest

Jan 12, 2010, 14:22 ET from MyBrandz

NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- MyBrandz, the online social service for brands lovers, announced the purchase of 100 shares of the world's leading brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney, Nintendo, Starbucks, Volkswagen and more.

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MyBrandz won't keep these shares. The company will award the shares to the people who really deserve them - the brands' biggest fans. Those who can prove themselves will receive a real share, making them shareholders of that brand.

To participate, enter and post content about your favorite brand. The content has to be interesting enough to get 50 hearts from the other members. Easy as it sounds, each member can only give one heart per day, so be sure to invite your friends and advertise their content - that way others will see it, rate it and keep it interesting. The first member to reach 50 hearts per brand will receive that brand's share.

The "Own Your Brand" contest is MyBrandz creative way to prove its goal:

MyBrandz is an independent online community for brand lovers worldwide.  The goal MyBrandz set for itself is to lead the next online revolution in the brands industry, help people become brand community leaders and take their rightful place at the "Brands Round Table" where people and brands creatively interact on a mutual and beneficial basis.

The winners will receive an official brand share certificate and if they want, they can trade it - these shares are worth real money! For example, a Google share price is more than $600 and an Apple share price is over $200. MyBrandz will follow the share prices and publish it on its


This is not the first time MyBrandz creates a special activity for brand fans: Three months ago, the MyBrandz team went on a road trip to the west coast.

They were the creators of the "Free Tattoo Day in SF", where anyone who wanted a free branded logo tattoo could have it done for free. 130 brand fans signed up for the tattoo day, many more signing up after the event already took place.

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