Shark Tank's Most Successful Inventor Crowdfunding New Wearable That'll Ensure You Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down Again

Oct 30, 2015, 12:00 ET from Ion Tech Wear

PHILADELPHIA, October 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Founder of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, launches Kickstarter campaign for a belt that will charge your things, in collaboration with award-winning British creator of the Nifty MiniDrive, Piers Ridyard 

Aiming to address the 21st century fear that you will run out of power on your portable devices, the dynamic trans-Atlantic inventor-entrepreneur duo of Krause (Founding CEO of Scrub Daddy in the US) and Ridyard (Founding CEO of Nifty in the UK) have joined forces to create the innovative wearable tech house Ion Tech Wear (ITW). Their first product, which reduces - rather than adds to - the number of gadgets we have to carry around with us, launches on Kickstarter today.

Introducing the Ion Belt: a patented wearable device that safely and invisibly packs +/- 1.5 charges (3,000mAh) of mobile phone power into a belt you can wear every day. With its proprietary Encapsulpak™ technology, Krause and Ridyard have created a revolutionary new way to ensure the safety of lithium ion batteries while being worn on a person's body. No more bulky and easy to forget battery packs and chargers. Just don't forget your pants!

This handsome upgrade to your simple waist belt is compatible with almost any rechargeable device and boasts a speedy 1.5 hours full charge/discharge time. Designed to make life as simple as possible, the Ion Belt has a USB plug built right into its fine leather, so users can charge their devices straight from their pockets - anytime, anywhere. The buckle also has a low-profile USB plug built into it, so that charging the belt is as easy as charging a phone. Simply plug the belt into a wall adapter or laptop - no cord needed!

Krause shot to fame when he appeared on ABC's Shark Tank with his invention Scrub Daddy, which received investment from business mogul Lori Greiner and quickly became the show's biggest success story.  Soon after, Krause had a vision for the Ion Belt when he ran out of power while on a crucial business call. In January of this year, Ridyard launched the luxury XOO smartphone-charging belt on the London catwalk getting Krause's attention and the two decided to found a startup dedicated to making beautifully designed wearable technology accessible to all.  

The Ion Belt is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for just $99 and will ship to backers of the project in June 2016.

Co-founder of Ion Tech Wear, Aaron Krause said: 

"After I lost a crucially important business call, I found myself carrying a bulky external charger with me at all times because the battery on my phone would drain so quickly. Then it hit me! I simply need to integrate charging technology into something I already wear - I thought: 'How about a belt?' After endless tinkering and hundreds of design iterations, the Ion Belt was born to solve phone battery problems for good."

About ITW  

ITW was founded by a desire to make life-enhancing wearable technology affordable for all. Driven by a passion for problem-solving and creative design, ITW intends to use its patented belt technology as the cornerstone of a ground-breaking wearables business.

In addition to Aaron Krause and Piers Ridyard, ITW has a dedicated and highly experienced team - all of whom have either run their own successful startup or worked at one - with backgrounds ranging from product development, law, accountancy and asset management to logistics and graphic design.

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