SharkReach Launches Game Changing Proprietary Technology

SharkPulse Gives Clients Chance To Control/Change Course Mid-Campaign; Ability To Maximize An Already Successful Campaign - Or Turn An Underperforming Plan Into A Winning Strategy.

Mar 08, 2016, 08:42 ET from SharkReach Inc

HERMOSA BEACH, California, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

SharkReach, Inc. (OTC: SHRK) ("SharkReach®" or the "Company") a millennial influence marketing company today announced that a key component of its proprietary technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring branded sharable content, is now out of beta and has gone live in a self-service option available to all Company clients.

SharkPulse, using a proprietary inference engine, effectively reads and interprets posts all across social media and monitors and reports in real-time if a particular post is Positive, Negative or Neutral. This feature… tracking sentiment in real-time… is a first in the influencer marketing industry.

SharkPulse then automatically sends text notifications to the client to immediately notify them of negative posts, allowing the client, to follow every conversation and respond accordingly or to change the key messaging in a campaign if necessary.

SharkPulse monitors the sentiment across social media of the way the brand or the campaign itself is mentioned (Positive/Negative/Neutral). If the intended message/sentiment changes in any way or receives a negative reaction to the intended message, the client can immediately respond to turn an underperforming plan into a winning strategy, or maximize an already successful campaign. It allows the client to maintain control and act accordingly as is needed.

SharkPulse allows the Company's clients, in the midst of their active campaign, to monitor the sentiment of the comments made when the campaign is shared across social media, acting as an insurance policy for the client's brand, It can be accessed from their desktops, laptops, notebooks and smart phones.

"SharkPulse was born from listening to our clients. Many times they have asked: 'Can you monitor every time our brand or #campaign is liked, shared or mentioned on Social Media?  Or even better, could you monitor if what is being said about our brand or Campaign is Positive or Negative?'  Well now I can say, 'Yes we can!' SharkPulse is our answer. Its 24/7/365 Real-time monitoring of #hashtags, keywords and brand mentions across social media and the web. Clients can now see who is talking about their brand, what they are saying and be notified if what was said is NEGATIVE. It's like having an insurance policy for their campaigns," said Steve Smith, CEO & Founder of the Company.

SharkPulse is the third component in the Company's client friendly tool kit that is utilized in every campaign and the first tool in their campaign toolset that SharkReach is giving self-serve options to its clients to use there will be self-serve versions of the other SharkReach product line to follow.

First, prior to the launch of the campaign, using SharkRank, the Company selects the most effective Influencers for their client's Campaign.

Second, during the Campaign, SharkScore the client can log in and view the statistics of delivery of the campaign in real time calculating impressions, views, likes & shares, carrying the reporting across all social media outlets and the web.

Third, SharkPulse - Real-time Sentiment and Mention Monitoring Across Social Media. SharkPulse allows the Company and the client to modify, control and otherwise alter the ongoing campaign to maximize it effectiveness. With SharkPulse the client and the company can effect change during the campaign to augment a successful plan and or to correct/solve unforeseen problems.

Here are its main features. (Go to to read more about SharkPulse)

  • Text Notifications on negative trending posts
  • Live monitoring of #hash tags and key Word Mentions
  • Live Stream Display
  • Live Word string display showing most popular words and expressions used to describe the brand or campaign
  • Geo targeting location of Posts
  • Demographics insights of LIKES and SHARES audience
  • Identifies additional key Influencers sharing the campaign across all social media outlets
  • Allows clients to Identify and Respond to Negative Posts more quickly

"This is a game changer in Influencer Marketing In the past if you were running a influencer campaign without real-time sentiment monitoring it could be days before you realized that people where posting negative comments when sharing the influencer post, now if even one negative comment is made you receive a text message telling you it happened when it happens and you can login from your cell Android or iOS phone and respond to the post or if needed pause your campaign. It's like running a Superbowl commercial and being able to stop it 3 seconds in if people hate it...  It interprets the English language and warns you if someone says something negative within seconds after they say it across every social media site and the web. With this you're always watching… everywhere… all the time… 24/7/365. " Said Jamie Allen, CTO of the Company.

The Company is offering a 30 day free trial that will give users a free test account with the ability to track up to 50,000 mentions. SharkPulse is available at no cost to all clients whose campaign fees exceed $100,000. Simply go to: and use the promo code SHRK to get the free trial.

For a more information about SharkPulse and a description and screen shots of its features, please go to:

About SharkReach, Inc.  

SharkReach, Inc. (OTC: SHRK). SharkReach is a Disruptive Millennial Media Company that combines the strength of an Influencer Owned Network with Proprietary Technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring Branded Sharable Content.

What sets SharkReach apart from other companies in the marketplace is that its Influencers (both grass roots individuals and Celebrities) can also become its shareholders… and that its network has a larger market reach than the top 5 television networks combined!

20,000+ Influencers… with 500+ million Followers… with 200+ million Likes & Shares… produces an Aggregate Reach of 2.9 billion.

SharkReach as one of the first companies in this space is the established leader in Influencer Marketing. It presently has the largest footprint, and plans to further enlarge its market share through various acquisitions. It has shown that is has the unique ability to reach the Gen Y and Millennial demographic.  

Millennials Demand exacting standards in the products and services that are essential to satisfying their social conscience and personal needs. They are the first of several generations to come that will veer away from traditional media. They do NOT watch television, and they do not trust brands and commercials. Their purchasing decisions are impacted by the individuals, friends, and celebrities that they follow on Social Media and YouTube.

It s criteria for target acquisitions are companies are those that will bring: 1. Content Management; 2. Sentiment Tracking; 3. Large Client Lists; and 4. Proven Track Record of 2+ Years In The Influencer Marketing Space.

Historically, and in this order, television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising were the ways to reach clients. To reach more clients and to increase sales, Celebrity Endorsements were added to Brands to increase the effectiveness of these traditional media outlets.

Sponsored Social Media… Influencer Marketing, now sits atop the field!

In a recent report of the most effective marketing ratings, Influencer Marketing, in absolute ratings, beat Celebrity Endorsements, Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper advertising.

In the last year alone, Influencer Marketing has seen positive gains, significantly out-pacing all tested approaches in "Positive Momentum":

    Change in Marketer Regard vs. Year Ago

    Influencer Marketing          -7/+65
    Celeb Endorsements           -12/+21
    TV Ads                       -20/+12
    Radio Ads                    -32/+11
    Magazine Ads                  -36/+4
    Newspaper Ads                 -56/+6

Our Tracking & Reporting platform and quantifying systems enable clients to select suitable Influencers and to track campaigns in ways they have not been available before.

There are three main components:

SharkRank:  Influencer Ranking System and Influencer Marketplace.

Allows clients to select suitable Influencers for their Campaign utilizing Shark Rank's proprietary influencer-ranking algorithm.  

SharkScore:  Campaign Level Reporting Engine.

Reporting engine that allows clients to log in and view the statistics of delivery of the campaign in real time calculating impressions, views, like and shares, carrying the reporting across all social media outlets and the web. 

SharkPulse:  Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring & Brand Sentiment Reporting. 

SharkPulse Real-Time Reporting Dashboard allows our clients to view in real-time the activity of their campaigns through our proprietary dashboard… across all social media networks! It monitors brand sentiment across Social Media and the Web a first in influencer marketing. Ability to set up auto responders for Negative posts. Acts as an insurance policy for your brand allowing you to follow every conversation and respond.  

For more information on SharkReach, please visit the Company's website at

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