SharkReach Management Reveals Plans For Short Term On Track

Recent Interviews and PRs Show Plan To Grow Through Acquisitions; A Shortcut To Increased Revenues

Mar 24, 2016, 08:24 ET from SharkReach Inc

HERMOSA BEACH, California, March 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

SharkReach, Inc. (OTC: SHRK) ("SharkReach®" or the "Company") a millennial influence marketing company, today commented information released through recent interviews and press releases on the reasons why the Company chose to go public, and its short term plans for growth via a statement from Steve Smith the Company Founder and CEO

On Going Public:

"We made the choice to go public as a millennial media holding company. That's the structure. Our core business is influencer relationships, so we wanted to create a publically traded company built on the next generation of audiences. The talent have their audiences across all of these platforms, but are neglected by the traditional media companies to the tune of a 2.9 Billion reach. So, we're creating a media company based upon those audiences where millennial generations are forcing everyone to go to."

In a recent interview on Uptick News Wire radio ( ), Smith was asked what is it "… that you guys do that no one else does?." Smith said: "The biggest thing is, and really the reason we're a public company to start with is, we wanted to put together, my mission was and my background is heavily in working with talent at major media companies, but I wanted to put together an opportunity for the talent to be more included in the long-term success of the company. What we did, is we changed the game, essentially, and created an option pool that is for the talent.

"All of our influencers, when they work with us, not only do they get paid for their campaign, but they also receive stock options in the company and the longer they're with us the more options they gain, so they have a direct connection with the company long term and they stand to benefit from the success of the company overall.

"It really adds a high value proposition and it was really the reason for the huge success that we had with Universal Pictures for "Straight Outta Compton" which was a blow-out success. What we've done is embrace the next generation of talent.

"We're building really a company that's a good monetization vehicle for them to work with brands, and phase two is to be able to do licensed mobile games such as the things that you see maybe a Kim Kardashian is doing successfully today where she has four different games that are out there, and they are all in the top 10 in the app store.

There is really a lot of opportunity under, what we call, our influencer-owned model, to do things that really haven't been done before, and have a collaborative atmosphere with that, the next generation of talent that's taking over the world."

Traditional "Old School" media channels (TV, radio, print & mail) create venues where they bring eyes and ears to their proprietary networks and charge advertisers for getting their message in front of those audiences; Social media companies instead bring the audience directly to the clients online sites and other locations.

Unlike old school marketing, advertising, public relations company programs that utilized costly cable and network television, print, direct mail and radio media channels to reach potential clients/purchasers, SharkReach reaches out to viewers where they already are and reaches far  more viewers than the traditional channels far more times with a more effective message format and in a much less costly manner… thereby greatly increasing both the public awareness and value of the clients' brand!

Instead of paying the Old School channels according to a rate schedule based on the number of their viewers, the Company utilizes social media "influencers" to generate awareness, bring traffic, eyes, attention and ultimately attention and sales to its clients' projects. Rather than paying the hefty media fees, the Company pays the influencers based upon their ability to drive viewers to the clients' sites/promotions. Rather than compensation in cash, each influencer receives equity in the Company based upon a scale. So each influencer, be it a well known celebrity mogul with tens of millions of followers or be it someone with as little as 50,000 followers, each project spends little or no money with Old School channels, and each successful project increases the Company's value and each party's equity… benefiting the Company's individual clients, partners and the shareholders, investors & equity holders overall success.

We all know that traditional advertising is being chopped off at the knees. Things are drastically changing. What isn't changing is the talent and their fan bases, and there are quite a number of ways they can monetize that, and that we can facilitate their monetization. As a public company we are making a series of acquisitions and putting together a number of different methods for the talent to both activate and engage with their audience. This includes direct monetization through ecommerce, as well as brand sponsorships & talent-licensed original intellectual property.

Going public provides liquidity to our equity. All of our talent have stock options in the company, and after a relatively short amount of time as required under the terms of SEC Rule 144, should they choose to, they could be able sell their shares and go liquid.

If we want to talk to a talent who is interested but the relationship is super transactional, to do it at scale we need to have liquidity with our equity so that they can gain something real. It's not, "Maybe that will be worth something, at some point." No, it's worth something, right now, and they're a part of the team. If they drive the Straight Outta Compton campaign to be the number one movie, three weeks in a row, that's good for all of us. It's not just a momentary transactional thing."

On Acquisition Strategy: 

Our plan is to have sufficient funding so we can do more. We want to be the hub of the wheel, so to speak, and acquire companies in the social media space so that we can become the largest and most complete company in the space. By acquiring these creative companies in every facet, we can provide more services and rapidly grow our assets and revenues at a faster pace.

So, all of those companies out there that have good talent, good ideas, and do some things fantastically, but have limited resources to do the things that would be great for their talent: we want be able to do ALL of those things under one roof. Now we're looking to partner with a number of those companies to help their business go to the next level, as part of our publicly traded millennial media company."

Smith said in the interview on Uptick News Wire radio: "The world of media is changing, and it's changing at a rapid pace.

We are a company that's doing something different than any other company in the space, and the thing that I love to say is that we have other companies in this space that have really great backgrounds that are asking to be able to join in what we're doing… (we hope) there's going to be some really attractive acquisitions that we (can) announce over the next 18 months, that are going to be really highly impactful…"

About SharkReach, Inc.  

SharkReach, Inc. (OTC: SHRK). SharkReach is a Disruptive Millennial Media Company that combines the strength of an Influencer Owned Network with Proprietary Technology for creating, posting, managing and monitoring Branded Sharable Content.

What sets SharkReach apart from other companies in the marketplace is that its influencers (both grass roots individuals and Celebrities) are also its shareholders… and that its network has a larger market reach than the top 5 television networks combined!

20,000+ Influencers… with 500+ million Followers… with 200+ million Likes & Shares… produces an Aggregate Reach of 2.9 billion.

SharkReach as one of the first companies in this space is the established leader in Influencer Marketing. It presently has the largest footprint, and plans to further enlarge its market share through various acquisitions. It has shown that is has the unique ability to reach the Gen Y and Millennial demographic.  

Millennials Demand exacting standards in the products and services that are essential to satisfying their social conscience and personal needs. They are the first of several generations to come that will veer away from traditional media. They do NOT watch television, and they do not trust brands and commercials. Their purchasing decisions are impacted by the individuals, friends, and celebrities that they follow on Social Media and YouTube.

It s criteria for target acquisitions are companies are those that will bring: 1. Content Management; 2. Sentiment Tracking; 3. Large Client Lists; and 4. Proven Track Record of 2+ Years In The Influencer Marketing Space.

Historically, and in this order, television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising were the ways to reach clients. To reach more clients and to increase sales, Celebrity Endorsements were added to Brands to increase the effectiveness of these traditional media outlets.

Sponsored Social Media… Influencer Marketing, now sits atop the field!

In a recent report of the most effective marketing ratings, Influencer Marketing, in absolute ratings, beat Celebrity Endorsements, Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper advertising.

In the last year alone, Influencer Marketing has seen positive gains, significantly out-pacing all tested approaches in "Positive Momentum":

       Change in Marketer Regard vs. Year Ago
              Influencer Marketing         -7/+65
             Celeb Endorsements          -12/+21
    TV Ads                      -20/+12
    Radio Ads                   -32/+11
    Magazine Ads                 -36/+4
    Newspaper Ads                -56/+6

Our Tracking & Reporting platform and quantifying systems enable clients to select suitable Influencers and to track campaigns in ways they have not been available before.

There are three main components:

SharkRank:  Influencer Ranking System and Influencer Marketplace.

Allows clients to select suitable Influencers for their Campaign utilizing Shark Rank's proprietary influencer-ranking algorithm.  

SharkScore:  Campaign Level Reporting Engine.

Reporting engine that allows clients to log in and view the statistics of delivery of the campaign in real time calculating impressions, views, like and shares, carrying the reporting across all social media outlets and the web. 

SharkPulse:  Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring & Brand Sentiment Reporting. 

SharkPulse Real-Time Reporting Dashboard allows our clients to view in real-time the activity of their campaigns through our proprietary dashboard… across all social media networks! It monitors brand sentiment across Social Media and the Web a first in influencer marketing. Ability to set up auto responders for Negative posts. Acts as an insurance policy for your brand allowing you to follow every conversation and respond.  

For more information on SharkReach, please visit the Company's website at

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