Shave More, Get More: New Research Finds Men Who Shave Regularly Have More Sex, Are More Confident and Are Generally More Satisfied.

Schick(R) Skin-dex Explores Shave Trends and Correlating Behaviors Nationally and Across Major U.S. Cities.

Apr 06, 2010, 08:03 ET from Schick

SHELTON, Conn., April 6 /PRNewswire/ --

Shave More

Get More:

According to the Schick Skin-dex survey, a national research poll conducted by StrategyOne, men who shave regularly (5 times a week or more) have twice as much sex (15.5 vs. 7.8 times per month). They're also happier (89% vs. 82%), more outgoing (41% vs. 32%), more social (42% vs. 34%), more likely to report they are living their dreams (76% vs. 64%) and more likely to report more attractive significant others.


Emotional and Romantic Satisfaction:

The Skin-dex survey also shows a clear link between material, emotional and romantic satisfaction and the frequency of men's shaves. In fact, men who shave five days a week or more are more confident, twice as likely to be employed as those who shave two days a week and are much less likely to live with their parents. On average, they earn $15,100 more per year than infrequent shavers and are more likely to own luxury items.

Women and Shaving:

According to the Skin-dex survey, women ranked "irritated skin" among the top three biggest turn-offs in a man -- right after body odor and dandruff. In fact, irritated skin is more of a turn-off than baldness and gray hair.

Sixty-six percent of women associate men who shave regularly with a variety of positive qualities, including higher self awareness, deeper commitment and greater comfort with themselves. Eighty-two percent report a preference for cleanly shaven men and another 83% say it's sexy when a man has a smooth touchable face. Additionally:

  • 76% say they love it when their man shaves
  • 76% agree a "cleanly shaven man turns me on"
  • 64% say when their man shaves, they just can't keep their hands off of him
  • 78% would rather kiss a cleanly shaven man than a scruffy man
  • 64% would rather have sex with a cleanly shaven man than a scruffy one

Regional Differences:

Men in Los Angeles and DC may have reason to celebrate with these localities reporting the greatest number of shaves per year (198). Philadelphians and Atlantans shave the least, with only 161 shaves a year. Yet Los Angeles men, along with Philly and New York men are the most likely to report having a full beard. Most shaves by region:

  • Los Angeles (198)
  • Washington, DC (198)
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth (192)
  • Chicago (192)
  • Boston (182)
  • Seattle (182)
  • New York (172)
  • Austin (166)
  • Atlanta (161)
  • Philadelphia (161)

Meanwhile, men in Dallas report the highest number of soul-patches per capita (14%). Atlanta takes the sideburns (27%) and goatee (32%) titles, while Boston and Washington are the clean shave capitals (31% and 29% respectively). Atlanta (26%), New York (24%), LA (24%) and Dallas (23%) own the mustache crowns while Philadelphia (21%) New York (19%) and LA (19%) are the most bearded cities.  

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