Shell Supplier Diversity Launches New Information Pipeline!

Mar 15, 2016, 13:00 ET from Shell

HOUSTON, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today a new era in supplier diversity openness and transparency has begun with the launch of the new Shell Supplier Diversity website. According to Debra Stewart, Director, Supplier Diversity, Workforce Development and Diversity Outreach; "This is an important moment for us. We have worked over the past year developing our website as a conduit for exactly the kind of information companies need to navigate the complex world of multi-national energy supply chains."

"The energy sector is perhaps one of the most complicated marketplaces for vendors new to the industry and little in the normal range of experience can prepare them for the learning curve they face. We have gathered, and will continue to gather, a storehouse of information, both specific to the energy industry and more general and applicable to working with any multi-national."

The new website has information ranging from infographics about the structure of the energy supply chain, to specifics about publications to enhance energy industry expertise and organizations to join to start making those critical industry connections.

The site will also have links to recent news releases and video interviews with energy and diversity thought leaders on a wide range of topics designed to give businesses access to what used to be "inside information." Recent interviews covered finding access to capital, growing in an energy downturn and how to build capacity with strategic partnerships.

According to Diversity Analyst, Damean Townsend; "One of the features we think will be exceptionally valuable is a regularly-updated opportunities list. It clearly lays out the areas where opportunities exist, or will exist in the relatively near term; and areas where contracts are in place and there is no likelihood of opportunities in the near future; as well as areas where there may be 2nd tier opportunities with some of our prime suppliers. It will be invaluable to companies as they assess their potential with Shell."

A video produced for Shell and available on the site, tells the story of Thompson Hospitality and how they found their fit with Shell. Their ability to customize their services and adapt to a client's specific needs has benefitted their Shell and other Fortune 500 clients and, at the same time, dramatically changed the lives of the communities in which they work. It is an inspiring minority business success story and one of many that will be featured on the new site.

Visit the new diversity website at Shell.US/GetConnected and follow Shell on Twitter (@ShellDiversity) for news and updates. The information pipeline is open!

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