SHL Launches Person-Job Match for Latin America Market

New, Industry-Leading Solution Helps Companies More Accurately Match the Right Person to the Right Job from the Start

Feb 01, 2012, 09:00 ET from SHL

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ATLANTA, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SHL, the global leader in talent assessment solutions, today announced the Latin America launch of its industry-first Person-Job Match (PJM) – a new tool enabling companies to make more objective and precise predictions about a candidate's success in a role -- ensuring the right person-job match from the start. The solution leverages SHL's proven job performance and talent measurement tools -- the Universal Competency Framework™ (UCF) and Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) -- which draw from over 30 years of research, and job-match assessment data to help organizations accurately identify and benchmark a candidate's potential, strengths and limitations against critical competencies required for a role. Thanks to SHL's global presence in over 50 countries, with partners in 14 locations in Latin America alone, companies can now benefit from SHL's proven science and expertise, while gaining access to localized information specifically tailored to address the region's unique market conditions.

Now more than ever, Latin America-based companies -- from Mexico to the tip of Chile -- simply cannot afford to onboard and develop the wrong talent, since hiring mistakes often lead to costly turnover down the road. With the power of PJM, organizations can now predict and measure an individual's potential success with more accuracy than ever before, and benefit from increased productivity, performance and longer employee tenure. First, companies create a job "definition" ( or list of successful behaviors) using SHL's Universal Competency Framework™ (UCF) -- a robust, research-driven catalog that lists thousands of competencies used all over the world, in all sectors, and at all job levels. Next, they assess each candidate against the chosen job "definition" and from there, a Person-Job Match Report is generated which includes a detailed, easy-to-understand profile summarizing each candidate's strengths and weaknesses. Each report comes with its own customized "match score", a rating that ranks candidates according to greatest potential strength, to ensure only the best-suited candidates proceed to the next round.  The report also links to a structured interview guide with more specific competency-based interview questions, allowing companies to dig even deeper into behaviors that are proven to result in success for a given role.

"Unfortunately, many organizations can relate to the all-too-familiar scenario of hiring talent based on perceived fit, investing money and time into the onboarding and development process only to discover that the potential for success isn't there or alignment to talent programs is inaccurate," said Jeff Holmen, Vice President, Latin America and Partners for SHL. "Person Job Match virtually eliminates this occurrence by delivering the complex detail needed to identify the right fit the first time.  And companies can use the reports beyond just hiring decisions to gain insights into areas requiring development, identify a candidate's untapped potential, and more."

"We have decided to use the PJM for sales roles and are very pleased with the quality of candidates identified and the alignment of competencies necessary for success in the role," said Cristina Avila, HR Business Partner, Head TOE Talent Organization Effectiveness for Kraft Foods Ecuador. "The PJM has shortened our recruitment cycle time and brought us people who are more effectively delivering on their professional goals."

Unlike other assessment methods, which measure just four characteristics of human behavior, PJM's science-based approach examines 32 individual dimensions of behavior -- from relationships with people, to thinking style, feelings and emotions, and more -- for a truly complete assessment of each candidate. This approach also provides a closer link to the competency framework for the job in question, to produce the most accurate measure of person-job fit. No training is required to read and fully understand the intuitive PJM reports, which significantly minimizes time and cost to implement.  

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