ShopSimple - A New Social Shopping Site for Fashionistas Goes Global!

Jun 22, 2013, 10:00 ET from

HONG KONG, June 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Social shopping is the hottest new way to shop; it is a new concept which is making shopping online more like shopping with your friends. With many on-line retail stores being highly successful, some websites are incorporating social networking with online shopping, and this new concept is taking over the web, making finding great fashion deals quicker, easier and more fun!


ShopSimple is one of the websites which is at the forefront of this new trend, re-launching itself in September 2012 from a comparison search engine shopping site. It is now undergoing rapid growth, gaining over 1 million likes on Facebook and constant virility. ShopSimple's community of shoppers is growing rapidly day by day. So, not only can you find all sorts of fashion items on the site, you can connect with other users and share your finds as well as purchasing them. Some shoppers may come to the site purely for inspiration and the social aspect and may not buy, but save their collections for later or gain comments from other users, which helps when making a buying decision. Combining social networking with shopping creates an enjoyable social experience; it is almost like having thousands of friends shopping with you.

ShopSimple Leads the Way with Social Shopping

Social shopping with ShopSimple has many benefits; not only are you part of a designated female shopping community, but you can also make lots of new friends and communicate with your existing ones through your fashion finds. ShopSimple has many features to discover. When you come to the front page you are greeted with "Trending Products": these are what's hot right now, based on what shoppers have been looking at and saving. There are many features to discover, which are on the top bar of the screen such as "Trending", "Just Posted" and "Category", which is a drop-down menu to go quickly to a specific area of the site and "Outfits". The "Outfits" pages are inspirations of real women wearing fashion combinations for the shopper to emulate, share and comment on.

ShopSimple has taken Twitter's lead with the use of hashtags. A hashtag bar is displayed at the top of the leading page, and is where users can hashtag fashion finds, making it easier to go straight to the item that they are looking for. The top hashtags are also displayed on a click menu on the main page. ShopSimple also has a "My Feed"; this is where your products are saved and you can follow other users and even your favourite stores. This area is also where you can view the comments that others have posted on your collections and have interactions with fellow shoppers and even store owners.

What Makes ShopSimple Different From Other Shopping Sites?

Like other e-commerce sites, visitors come to ShopSimple with intent to buy! However, ShopSimple also enables you to post or save your fashion products into your collections, which are set up by you from worldwide online stores. You also can name your collections for specific events, such as "wedding ideas", "Saturday night out", "shoes I love", etc., and with a simple click of the "Buy" button, you can be instantly directed to the website to buy your favourite finds! Unlike other e-commerce sites, ShopSimple does not complete any transactions on its site; it directs users to the seller's e-commerce sites and does not currently charge for this service.

ShopSimple is like Pinterest but solely for fashion – it focuses on your individual fashion niche with the main focus on purchasing and sharing. Women come to ShopSimple to shop and share!

There are some competitors currently who offer some similar aspects to ShopSimple, such as fashion focused sites, including Etsy and Polyvore. Other comparison sites such as Shopzilla are great for finding specific items, but they do not offer social aspects. With these sites, a buyer searches for a specific product then leaves without telling anyone about their purchase and does not share the buying experience. ShopSimple lets shoppers share what they have found quickly and easily to the world's biggest social networking sites with just the click of a button. Not only can shoppers share on their own social networking sites, but ShopSimple is like a networking site of its own. People follow, share and comment on your finds, like a Facebook directly for fashion shopping. ShopSimple has lots of customer interaction, constantly communicating through Facebook, Twitter and regular updates through the ShopSimple blog featuring hot new products and what you should be looking out for! ShopSimple not only connects you to shopping buddies, it is a shopping buddy.

ShopSimple is a Hong Kong-based company with a team of 12 employees who believe that this new social shopping concept will transform the way shoppers shop! With their products from all over the world, an active and very useful currency converter for easy transactions and both worldwide stores and shoppers, ShopSimple is literally connecting the online shopping world and enabling friendships and shopping buddies in the process.

ShopSimple is leading the way with its social shopping and incredible fashion finds world over, connecting shoppers with retailers from all over the world and creating shopping buddies worldwide. Shopping has never been easier or more fun than it is with ShopSimple.

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