ShopSimple Revolutionizes the Online Shopping Scenario

Jan 03, 2014, 08:15 ET from

HONG KONG, Jan. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ShopSimple (, a Hong Kong-based online shopping community is fast leaving its mark on fashionistas all over the world. After successfully releasing its first mobile Android app ( in November, the social shopping site has shown considerably better conversion rates than other popular social networks.

Driving up to 5% Conversion Rate

ShopSimple is a social shopping community that bridges the geographical gap between global shoppers by offering over 100 million products from thousands of online stores from across the world. From clothes, wedding dresses to shoes ( and makeup, ShopSimple is the one stop shop for women. In addition to this, the option of following a store page allows users to subscribe to the latest offerings available from their favorite brands.

When it comes to the latest figures, it is evident that ShopSimple has revolutionized the online shopping scene. The online shopping community boasts over a whopping 300,000 active users, with over 15 million page views every month. In comparison with the leading social media platforms, ShopSimple leads with an impressive conversion rate of 3-5%, while the conversion rate of Facebook, Pinterest and Polyvore stands at 2.69%, 1% and 1%, respectively.

Riding High on Budget Shopping

Despite the government shutdown in the US, online channels dominated the shopping scene in 2013. Search engines were flooded with queries for Black Friday ads, Cyber Monday deals and not to mention the festive rush during Christmas. More importantly, owing to the lesser shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, more and more shoppers turned to online shopping, mainly attributed to the ease of shopping through online platforms.

A further reason why ShopSimple has sparked the attention of global customers is the availability of affordable products under $50. In comparison to Twitter, which generates an average order rate less than $60, the average order rate driven from ShopSimple is $80-$120.

Simple and Great Value for Money

In contrast to other social platforms, shoppers through ShopSimple can easily buy products for sale. By simply clicking on the "buy" option, shoppers are redirected to the seller's site where they can make the purchase. The best part of being a member of the ShopSimple community is that shoppers can not only buy their favourite items, but they can also interact with other buyers as well. Users can compare products, share views and learn about the latest style trends. In addition, Facebook integration also allows users to login with their Facebook accounts, and invite their contacts to join, making it a complete social shopping experience.

The Future Beacons

With the growing influence of smartphones and apps, it is estimated that ShopSimple, the online shopping juggernaut, will continue its expansion into 2014. Nearly half of mobile users worldwide use mobile phones to regularly access the internet. According to official data from Super Monitoring, mobile users spend nearly 80% of their time on apps. ShopSimple, through its recently launched Android App, is poised to lead social shopping in the New Year by offering a modern and user friendly experience for shoppers.

As we enter 2014, we firmly believe that ShopSimple will continue driving the online shopping revolution with its innovative products and deals.