ShopSimple: The Online Shopping Site Releases Its first Android App and Fantastic Advertising Opportunities!

Nov 06, 2013, 08:10 ET from

HONG KONG, Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ShopSimple, a social shopping site dedicated to fashionistas, serves its users with endless fashion pieces for an easy way to save what they love for later purchase or click to 'Buy' and make purchases instantly.

Constantly being updated by its users, ShopSimple allows the buyer responsibility for what is trending and gives them freedom to comment on and make their own collections. It is one of the most interactive social shopping sites currently on the market where you can buy all the products.

ShopSimple constantly listens to its users and has recently launched it's new android app and advertising program. Read on to find out more exciting news!

Window Shopping - ShopSimple Released its First Mobile Android App.

With over 1.2 billion people, according to stats, using smartphones and 60% of those accessing sites whilst in a store, we have come to realize that smartphone apps are very important to retail business.

With this in mind, ShopSimple has followed the trend and released its first mobile android app for the convenience of their users even while they're on the go! Kind of like Pinterest for shopping but only focusing on women's fashion, the android app enables shoppers to browse endless fashion items from different global stores, buy favorite fashion finds or save them for later purchase with one simple click of 'Buy' or 'Save. The best bit, shoppers can now easily find products like gorgeous heels under $20, or party dresses under $50! With the android app, shoppers will be also able to stay social...Just think about it, if you find shoppers with good taste or a similar style to yourself, you might want to follow them to access what they share to improve your fashion sense or to gain inspiration for your own outfits. To explore what you love, you can follow up what's hot right now on the 'Trending' page, and find your specific wants from categories, such as the most popular ones 'Shoes,' 'Wedding,' 'Occasion Dresses' and 'Clothing.' All of these excellent and easy-to-use features are easily available on the Android app and now even more convenient so you can shop anywhere!

To Access Instant Sales - Advertise Your business on ShopSimple

ShopSimple is an excellent social shopping platform to help online stores grow their business. No matter what the size of your business, ShopSimple can help you reach global fashionistas and boost your sales. Like most marketers in Pinterest, brands can create a free official account and upload products. By using related hashtags, uploading products and maintaining the account on a daily basis, ShopSimple will do the rest for you to get your brand and your quality products exposed in front of millions of fashionistas, and lead them to buy.

Apart from the free advertising opportunities, ShopSimple also helps all sizes of businesses reach more of their demographic audience and has seen huge returns on investments made through the advertising project. Unlike Google ads or Facebook ads charging for per thousand advertising impressions or per click, brands pay for display ads each week on ShopSimple. By testing and analyzing the data from our partners, on average, advertising project customers earn $8 for every $1 spent on advertising. So, how does it work?

With several clear ad options and placements there are no hidden costs with ShopSimple, you are able to book a slot on the page(s) you want and are billed at the exact agreed choice. There are three main ad options available, these include large featured ads on the homepage (Trending Page), Banner ads on the homepage and ads on specific product page, for example if your company sells shoes then an ad under the product 'Shoes' or 'Boots' can be beneficial as your advert reaches its targeted audience.

(If you would like to find out more about how ShopSimple can help grow your business, we have a dedicated team of helpers waiting to answer your questions.)

ShopSimple is moving forward steadily step by step, unlike social media sites like Facebook and twitter, photo-sharing site Pinterest, or e-commerce giant, its development hasn't been a quick rocket to the moon. ShopSimple has taken its time and listened to its users over this past year and has constantly changed and improved. We believe that ShopSimple will move fast in 2014, and wow people with its individual attention, constant efforts and spirit of innovation.