ShopSimple, What Global Fashion Shoppers Need to Know

Sep 11, 2013, 07:23 ET from

HONG KONG, Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ShopSimple - a combination of the words 'Shop and Simple,' has devoted itself to offering the easiest and most convenient shopping experience by connecting shoppers with retailers from around the world. ShopSimple is a social network for online shopping fashionistas, combining online shopping with inspiration. So, how does ShopSimple work? Shoppers upload images of products they find from retailers, such as things the shopper is looking to buy, or just possible future purchases. Members are able to follow other users, brands or shops and collect their favorite items by "saving" them in their collections which the shopper can customize and look at, at any time, other users can also look at your collections and comment on them, "love" them and share them for their own purchase or to add to their own collections! Unlike Pinterest, which is excellent for inspirations, ShopSimple's items have a "buy" button that leads the shopper directly to the buying page on the e-commerce site which the item is directly purchased from.

ShopSimple started as a search engine shopping site and re-launched itself in Sept 2012, taking inspiration from Pinterest with the main focus being 100% on women's fashion. ShopSimple prides itself on covering the middle ground between large companies and small independents, but has added extras such as the sites social networking aspects which makes shopping not only a pleasure but also convenient and social.

ShopSimple's aim is to help shoppers, not only find items that they love all in one place, but also keep track of and store items which they find online. Products that users post to the site can become trending products and are shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites, which is an excellent way for shoppers to show off their finds or products and also get opinions from their friends making shopping online a more social experience rather than a solo one.

How do shoppers explore the fashions they love on ShopSimple?

ShopSimple is always up-to-date regarding ways to make users' shopping experiences quicker, easier and more enjoyable. New updates have included larger pictures, easier scrolling navigations, hashtags and a dedicated outfits page for users to follow what's hot right now. ShopSimple is constantly updating and listening to what the shoppers require for a more enjoyable shopping experience!

There are a number of ways to use ShopSimple when looking seeking to satisfy your next fashion fix. When opening up ShopSimple, you will be greeted by pages displaying large images of what is trending right now, complete with bigger and bolder images than before. "Like" & "Pin" buttons have been incorporated into the trending products & categories pages to make them easier to share. This enables shoppers to share their finds on any of social media sites and makes their favorite items trend both in social media sites and on our ShopSimple site for everyone else to see.

It's easy to navigate the search bar with the "Trending," "Most popular," "Category" and "Outfits" buttons. These are easy ways to search for specific items like "Heels" and "Dresses" etc, which users desire or browse through what others have posted to take inspiration from what's new and hot right now. If users want to search for more specific items, they can type keywords within the search bar which is located in the upper corner of the homepage. ShopSimple makes it both easy and enjoyable to shop online.

Directly underneath the top bar there are hashtag icons, which, depending on what have been hashtagged recently, show what others are looking at. The hottest trending hashtag styles are brought to your attention as soon as you visit the site and finding exactly what you were looking for has never been easier! Want some new boots? Either click on the #boots icon or type it into the search bar, then voila! You'll see pages and pages of fabulous boots for you to look through, save to your collections, post to your social networks or even buy!

What makes ShopSimple stand out from other shopping sites?

ShopSimple is a 100% dedicated social shopping site for women's fashion and is the most competitively priced as users upload affordably priced products daily. Compared to traditional e-commerce sites, its social features bring together online stores from around the globe which focus on women's fashion and links them with fashionistas. Compared to social shopping sites like Polyvore, ShopSimple is a shopping centre for women who love a bargain as most products that are featured on the 'trending' pages are under $100! Shoppers no longer need to compare prices on their desired items as most of the products have already been found by other female shoppers in the ShopSimple community.

ShopSimple is all about inspirational shopping, not only will you be inspired by what others are posting and sharing but you will also be able to inspire others with your favorite finds too. Shopping couldn't be easier with ShopSimple!