Short Sale in Real Estate With Housing Assist of America Short Sale Experts

Jan 12, 2010, 09:56 ET from Housing Assist of America

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The Obama administration has worked long and hard to find a solution for troubled homeowners facing foreclosure. The reality of the situation is that "only about 4% get long-term mortgage help" reports CNN. Citigroup experts say government's current solutions so far have been ineffective at keeping people in their homes. They anticipate that "lenders could foreclose on another 8 million loans as the economy worsens." For this reason Housing Assist of America ( has created a short sale in real estate program that will help all homeowners who are having trouble making their mortgage payments. The short sale program consists of 6 steps which begins with the short sale process and ends with the final goal of stable home ownership.

The 6 step road to economic recovery program helps homeowners at no cost. Among the six steps are free short sale, free credit repair, and a plan to purchase a property within a year. The 6 step short sale program has proven to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure or are in the midst of being delinquent on payments. Homeowner Delores May states, "The 6 step program has helped get me out of the red and on to a better future. There is finally a company that has stepped up and helped me out."

The road to economic recovery is made to help homeowners in all situations. With the amount of foreclosures on the rise, homeowners are looking for a viable solution to their problems, and when comparing short sale vs. foreclosure, there is clearly no comparison what the better route is anymore. The 6 step road to economic recovery program has already helped hundreds of homeowners get rid of negative debt. Analysts from CNN are stating that 2010 is the "year of short sales."

According to RealtyTrac, nearly 2 million housing units in the U.S. are in foreclosure or bank-owned, and millions more are likely to join them. Metro areas such as Los Angeles are anticipated to drop another 19.41% in the year 2010, according to . The advice that many experts are giving homeowners is to get out while you can; this is a time to capitalize on the opportunity to short sale. Homeowners can take advantage of the 6 step program offered by .

SOURCE Housing Assist of America