Should You Pay Traffic Tickets Issued by Speeding Ticket or Red Light Cameras?

Mar 19, 2010, 09:00 ET from Mr. Ticket

ENCINO, Calif., March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Ticket's answer is a "conditional no." The question refers to the citation or photograph you receive in the mail informing you of a recorded violation in the case of a camera, VASCAR, or other mechanical evidence record. It is always in your best interest to fight traffic tickets. If you pay the citation by mail, it is construed as an admission of guilt and the maximum fine allowable by law is imposed. If you take your case to a traffic ticket attorney, there is a chance the court may downgrade the offense or dismiss traffic ticket violation without you having to even be present in court.

California is a unique case compared to other states regarding traffic tickets. There are defenses possible to fight traffic tickets that are common knowledge to a California traffic ticket attorney who specializes in fighting a traffic ticket. Your best option is to retain counsel that is a traffic ticket lawyer, qualified and certified to beat traffic ticket violations as your legal representative. A traffic ticket defense attorney is a specialist; aware of current law and established precedence that are most likely to result in a reduced fine, a reduction or elimination of additional points on your driver's license.

Whether you fight red light ticket citations or try to beat speeding ticket, do yourself a favor: Retain a California traffic ticket attorney. The amount of money you spend on a traffic ticket lawyer is a fraction of the cost of the potential fine, increased insurance premiums and a possible criminal record.

Realize that traffic citations are a massive revenue generator for the police department, the courts, city, county and state. Traffic tickets are rarely issued to ensure the public safety. Literally billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of tickets are issued each year with the intent of separating you from your money. Don't make it any easier on them by simply writing a check and sending it to the court. The burden of proof is on the state, regardless of your guilt or innocence. Make them prove their case. Fighting a traffic ticket in court is your right. Don't squander the opportunity.

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SOURCE Mr. Ticket