Shri Jaipal Reddy, Hon'ble Minister of Science, Technology & Earth Sciences, Hails TERI's Mycorrhizal Technology "A Miracle of Science"

Jan 07, 2013, 06:54 ET from The Energy and Resources Institute

NEW DELHI, January 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

- Shri Reddy Inaugurated Asia's Maiden International Conference on Mycorrhiza, ICOM 7 Organised by TERI, Themed "Mycorrhiza for All: An Under-Earth Revolution". The Five-day Conference Aims to Explore Ways to Minimise the Usage of Chemical Fertilisers on Soil, While Covering Various Aspects of Mycorrhizal Symbioses

- He Also Launched the Seed Coating Technology Which is an Extension of the Mass Production Technology of Mycorrhiza That was Launched in the Year 1999 and Licensed to Many Industries in India and in North America

In a unique initiative, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in association with "The Mycorrhiza Network" today launched the 7th International Conference on Mycorrhiza (ICOM).


Held under the aegis of the International Mycorrhiza Society (IMS), the conference brings in the prestigious ICOM legacy to Asia for the first time since its inception. The conference will provide an excellent platform for stakeholders in the pursuit of new possibilities of future collaborations.

Inaugurating the conference, Shri Jaipal Reddy. Hon'ble Minister, Science, Technology & Earth Sciences, said, "I am delighted to participate in the seventh edition of ICOM. I am sure this will provide a very strong opportunity for global knowledge sharing on Mycorrhizal research. We find India's food production is showing signs of stagnation, while the population is increasing. I feel the time has come to overhaul strategy to enhance crop yield and boost sustainable agriculture. TERI's Mycorrhizal research and the demonstrated achievements are a miracle of science. I pledge full support from the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote Mycorrhizal research in India, as it stands to benefit not only our country, but the world."

TERI has extended mycorrhiza technology by integrating it with seed coating which can outspread to sustainable agriculture as part of precision farming. Seed coating with mycorrhiza has been tested at many global locations. The technology not only reduces the basal dose of fertilizer but also improves the soil health. It has also developed a ready to use product for farmers which can be used with choice of fungicides, polymer and filler materials.

On the occasion, Shri Jaipal Reddy also released TERI's field data book titled "MYCO-EVALUATION: Mycorrhizal application advantages in plants and soils". This informative field data book aims at documenting the role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in improving crop productivity and soil quality by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers. He also launched the official website of Centre For Mycorrhizal Culture Collection. A Centre which has been established with the seed support from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, and aims at Conservation of Mycorrhizal biodiversity. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for collection, propagation, isolation, characterization, and maintenance of cultures under in-situ conditions.

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Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Director General, TERI said, "We have witnessed very positive results from our work on Mycorrhiza in the agriculture sector, with special focus on cereals and vegetables, among others. Owing to TERI's cutting edge research, we have successfully carried out mass production of these technologies. During the ICOM 7, I am hopeful that delegates will be able to explore different studies and research on Mycorrhiza."

The objective of ICOM 7 conference is to prepare the world to combat soil contamination and enhance food productivity by using this benevolent bio-fertilizer; provide a forum for education, knowledge transfer, and professional development; promote networking and business opportunity development; facilitate interaction between different scientific working groups in the industry to discuss the state of mycorrhiza research around the world, and sharing of local and international experiences and encourage participants to present their current research status to the international community.

Addressing the conference, Dr. Ashok Gulati, Chairman, Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices, Ministry of Agriculture opined, "The mycorrhizal technology can cut down the cost and help the yield to go up, it is a powerful engine to combat poverty. It will play a pivotal role in creating competiveness and ensuring inclusive growth. It would be extremely useful for our marginal farmers."

The five-day conference will be structured into sessions, workshops and keynote lectures covering practically the entire range of Mycorrhiza research from basic research, via ecological and applied research to commercial applications. The conference will also witness the participation of some of the eminent luminaries on Mycorrhizal research today. The conference will allow delegates to present their current research to the international community, but also facilitate interactions between different scientific working groups in the industry to discuss the state of mycorrhizal research around the world, and sharing of local and international experiences.                             

The International Mycorrhiza Society has been involved in the advancement of education, research and development in the area of Mycorrhizal symbiosis between plants and specialized soil fungi. ICOM 7 is the official conference of IMS and is currently triennial. Its global significance lies in the fact that the Conference witnessed representation of Institutes and Universities from more than 48 nations, including the United States of America, Canada, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan and Indonesia.

Prior to ICOM 7, six successful ICOMS have been held at, Berkeley (USA) - 1996, Uppsala (Sweden) - 1998, Adelaide (Australia) - 2001, Montreal (Canada)- 2003, Granada (Spain) - 2006, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) - 2009.

Giving the vote of thanks, Dr. Alok Adholeya, Director, Biotechnology and Bioresources, TERI said, "I would like to thank the sponsors and participants for extending their support for the conference. The conference would explore more vivid areas of Mycorrhizal Technology and I look forward for enriching discussions and knowledge exchange."

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