Sidoti's Upcoming Micro-Cap Conference: A Priceless Opportunity for Visibility

Oct 26, 2010, 14:00 ET from Sidoti & Co., LLC

NEW YORK, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Sidoti & Co., LLC ( will host its third Micro-Cap Conference on January 10, 2011 at New York City's Grand Hyatt Hotel.  These events are a key part of Sidoti's ongoing strategy to address Wall Street's neglect of this sector.  The firm's efforts are panning out: based on the acceptance rate so far, the conference will be one of the largest gatherings of institutional money managers and management teams focused on the sub-$250 million market cap sector ever held.  

Clearly, Sidoti & Co., LLC is the firm best-suited to enlighten the investment community about the merits of micro-cap equities.  Sidoti is by far the largest independent provider of institutional-quality research dedicated to the small-cap sector.  Nearly 60 Sidoti analysts cover more than 500 names in this arena, and a 35-person sales team is dedicated to distributing the research product.  Convinced micro-cap research was also worth pursuing, Sidoti mounted a swift and intense foray into the sector in early 2010.  In less than a year, five micro-cap analysts joined the firm and now cover more than 50 equities.  Sidoti expects its micro-cap coverage to exceed 100 names by year-end.

The Sidoti Micro-Cap Conferences are getting bigger and better.  The firm's first such conference last January attracted 50 presenters; more than 70 signed up for the June event.  There will be 100 presenters at the January 10, 2011 event.  Just as encouraging is the growing audience.  Sidoti Micro-Cap Conferences are now "must-attends" for most of the largest institutional investors, who realize that the micro-cap sector contains many hidden gems and also appreciate an opportunity for one-on-one meetings with many of the management teams.  

Ever aware that quality must be first-rate, Sidoti & Co. established a limit of 100 presenting companies.  Those companies will gain a priceless opportunity to boost their visibility.  Some came up with new and unusual ways of making money, while others figured out a profitable formula and stuck with it.  Yet they may be unknown in the investment community.  Sidoti's Micro-Cap Conference is their chance to declare to a savvy group of institutional investors what makes them tick, why they are different, and what makes them a worthy investment.  Sidoti is particularly interested in including presenters that have sound fundamentals and intriguing stories, show fast growth and profitability, or otherwise hold great promise, yet are completely off investors' radar screen.  Sidoti & Co. is confident that presenters and investors alike will consider the January 10, 2011 Micro-Cap Conference well worth their precious time.  

For information about the Sidoti Micro-Cap Conference, please contact Lynn Orenstein at (212) 453-7031 or

Below is a list of some of the presenters scheduled for the January 10, 2011 Sidoti & Co., LLC Micro-Cap Conference:


BofI Holding, Inc.

Computer Task Group, Inc.

Converted Organics Inc.

Crown Crafts, Inc. 

Cyalume Technologies Holdings, Inc.

DARA BioSciences, Inc.


Digital Ally, Inc.

FirstService Corporation

IncrediMail Ltd.

LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.

Lydall, Inc.

Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp

NCI Building Systems, Inc. 

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc


The Female Health Company 

Transcend Services

U.S. Home Systems, Inc. 

UMH Properties, Inc 


WidePoint Corporation

XZERES Wind Corp.

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Director of Institutional Marketing


Justin Taylor Ruiss

Marketing Specialist


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