Signal Hound Introduces Frequency Mask Triggering to Detect Spectrum Interference

Nov 10, 2015, 09:00 ET from Signal Hound

LA CENTER, Wash., Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Signal Hound is expanding its range of spectrum analyzer measurements by introducing Frequency Mask Triggering for the company's flagship software application, Spike. Frequency Mask Triggers can detect spectrum interference in the form of transient signals, transmitter defects, intermodulation products, and spurious signals. With Frequency Mask Triggering enabled in real-time spectrum analysis, users can capture and analyze short duration RF interference with up to 100% probability of intercept.

Frequency Mask compares spectrum to a user-defined shape

Frequency Mask Triggers compare the spectrum to a user-defined mask shape. When the spectrum exceeds a point in the mask, the software triggers, allowing users to analyze the spectrum at that moment. The user-defined mask can take on arbitrary shapes and is defined as frequency-amplitude pairs in the frequency domain. Trigger masks can be imported into Spike and edited live in the software. Masks can also be saved to the PC for later use.

Frequency Mask Triggers will be available in the next release of Spike, version 3.0.17. They will be enabled for all of Signal Hound's spectrum analyzers.

Price and availability

Spike software with Frequency Mask Triggers is available free of charge. This has been made possible due to the continued support and loyalty of the Signal Hound user community.  Get the latest version of spike at:

About Signal Hound and Spike

The Signal Hound spectrum analyzers are compact and simple to use. The Signal Hound BB60C is used for real-time spectrum monitoring, manufacturing process control, interference hunting, spread spectrum signal analysis, capturing intermittent events, and general purpose spectrum analysis.

Spike integrates all of the SA Series spectrum analyzers and TG Series tracking generators, past and present, under the same open source Graphical User Interface (GUI) platform as the Signal Hound BB60C spectrum analyzer.

Although the instruments are small and affordable, they all have the sensitivity, accuracy, and dynamic range expected from expensive and bulky test equipment.

For more information, contact or call 1-800-260-TEST.  Outside of the United States, please visit our website at to find the nearest distributor.

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