Significant Acoustical Advances Demonstrated by Next-Generation Skyfold® Powerlift Partitions

Greenbuild 2010 attendees get first look at new Skyfold vertically retractable partitions, with up to 97% recycled materials for earning LEED points.

Nov 11, 2010, 10:15 ET from Skyfold

MONTREAL, Nov. 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyfold, known industrywide for innovations in electrically operated custom-built partitions, has introduced new product lines that offer remarkable acoustical performance along with the Skyfold's visual appeal and turnkey ease of use.

The new products offer industry-leading ratings for sound-transmission class, (STC), including an STC of 57 for Skyfold Classic Elite, the highest tested full-wall rating in the motor-driven partition industry. Another brand-new product, Skyfold Classic NR, offers a good STC of 50 along with a noise-reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.65 – the first by Skyfold to also offer this sound-absorbing capability. Both advances are drawing interest from architects, acoustical consultants, sustainability advocates and building owners.

"Our customers have expressed a growing need for sound attenuation to get the most out of their flexible spaces," says John Natale, president of Skyfold. "We've all heard a round of applause through a partition and been reminded that the room we're in isn't truly private. We continue to deliver innovations designed to meet these challenging requirements."

Skyfold Classic Elite and Skyfold Classic NR are engineered to prevent sound transmission and promote comfortable acoustics on both sides of the partition, so the products meet the rigorous needs of auditoriums, schools, and conference facilities.

Using a simple turn key operation, Skyfold Classic Elite and the Skyfold Classic NR partitions panels automatically and silently fold into a ceiling cavity, making them unseen. Quickly and quietly deployed, the walls' dual seals tightly fit perimeter surfaces, eliminating the need for unsightly tracks while improving acoustical performance.

With little need for human intervention, Skyfold Powerlift wall systems maintain their sound ratings. Internal hinges and double perimeter seals prevent wear, ensuring acoustical lifetime performance.

"Customers for these new products aren't just looking for ways to easily turn big rooms into smaller rooms," says Natale. "They're defining spaces that are easy on their eyes and ears."

About Skyfold

Skyfold® (, a division of Railtech Ltd., leads the world in operable wall systems, offering Skyfold® Custom Powerlift Partitions, the only automatic walls offering high acoustical ratings and folding vertically into ceilings without manual intervention. Skyfold incorporates recycled materials in its products, and meets the quality assurances of I.S.O. 9001:2000.

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