SiliconExpert Provides the Latest Conflict Minerals Data

Feb 04, 2013, 13:00 ET from SiliconExpert Technologies

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SiliconExpert Technologies, a leading provider of electronic component management tools, provides the latest Conflict Minerals Data, bringing you reports on the origin of tin, tantalum, gold, and tungsten in electronic parts as well as their Conflict Mineral statuses.


Due to SEC (The Security and Exchange Commission) regulations, specifically section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, conflict mineral statuses need to be determined and reported. Access to this information is quickly becoming imperative; in the electronics industry alone, the SEC has estimated the impact of conflict mineral regulations to be over $3 billion dollars.

SiliconExpert's Database, containing data on millions of parts, reveals that nearly 25% of electronic parts contain at least one of the four minerals. Specifically, Passive parts lead the product categories with nearly 30% of all passives potentially having conflict minerals. Following Passives include Semiconductors at 28%, Interconnects at 25%, and Electrical and Electronic Components at nearly 19%.

The top ten products containing one of the four minerals include: MEMS Oscillators, Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles, Connector Card Edge, Capacitor Tantalum Solid, SMD Crystal Oscillator, Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount, Resistor (Trimmers, Potentiometer and Rheostat), Switch Push Button, Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole, and Switch Slide. Six of the top ten are Passives, two are Interconnects, and two are Electromechanical from the category Electrical and Electronic Components.

Only 52% of parts potentially containing conflict minerals have a published conflict mineral status and these parts come from only around 15% of suppliers. Of the suppliers who have a published status, 37 are listed as conflict free, 40 are listed as in progress, and 4 are listed as not clear. Only 30% of parts containing tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold are confirmed as conflict free minerals.

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