Silverback Solar Leads Discussions on Proper Mounting Methods for Rooftop Solar at the Recent International Roofing Expo

Mar 16, 2011, 17:12 ET from Silverback Solar

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- At the recent International Roofing Expo, sponsored by National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), over 8,000 professionals filled the hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center to learn about new innovations and discuss issues important to the roofing industry. In the crowded Silverback Solar booth, one subject everyone seemed to be talking about was the industry wide concern about how rooftop solar installations can affect commercial roofing. Roof damage, leaks, re-roofing and long-term maintenance are major concerns for roofing professionals considering rooftop solar, and they are finding solutions to those problems with the Silverback Solar Racking System.

"Roofing companies are quickly coming up to speed in regards to rooftop photovoltaic installations," said Ryan Bruce, CEO of Silverback Solar. "Many are alarmed at the vast number of installations taking place across the US, where proper roofing and future roof maintenance were not adequately considered. Their biggest concern," says Bruce, "is access to the roof. Roofers are trying to get the message out to their customers that if you cover an entire roof with solar panels sitting right on the roof deck, you are just asking for trouble and very expensive repairs and maintenance in the future."

Silverback Solar is owned by RoofScreen Mfg. Inc., leaders in the rooftop equipment screening industry. By using high strength steel and applying innovative engineering principles, Silverback has made it possible to have elevated frames that allow adequate roof access and can span over rooftop equipment with fewer penetrations. Their patented, roofing industry approved watertight technology has been used on hundreds of rooftops nationwide, with over 31,000 leak-free roof attachment systems installed without a single leak.

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Silverback Solar, manufacturer of rooftop solar panel mounting systems, leads discussions with roofers at the International Roofing Expo about the proper methods of mounting solar to commercial rooftops. Roofers are concerned with the prevailing solar installer approach to rooftop installations where proper roofing and future roof maintenance are not adequately considered, and are finding solutions to those problems with the Silverback Solar Racking System.

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