SIM Partners Announces 'Ask-an-Expert' Platform

New social media platform helps consumer brands engage customers and drive free web traffic

Jun 17, 2010, 06:05 ET from SIM Partners

CHICAGO, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- SIM Partners, a  Chicago-based interactive marketing agency specializing in ROI-driven solutions, today announced the availability of its "Ask-an-Expert" platform, a quick and easy way for consumer brands to create engaging social media content and drive free traffic to their websites.

Social networking is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Half of all companies have a social media strategy.  

"Despite the explosive growth in these trends, many brand marketers aren't sure how to take advantage of social media. They're concerned that a social media program might be risky or time-consuming and would strain their marketing resources," said Jon Schepke, SIM Partners' CEO.

"We've launched Ask-an-Expert to solve those concerns," Schepke said. "It's a fast and scalable solution designed to help marketers bridge the gap between brands and consumers and take control of the social media dialogue in an easy, relevant and affordable way."

Ask-an-Expert can be customized for any type of consumer brand. Here's how it works: consumers visiting a company's website submit questions about its product or service.  Brand advocates (subject matter experts or loyal customers) answer the queries online, providing helpful information and adding instant personality and community to the site. The platform is integrated with Twitter and Facebook to feed searchable content that is linked back to the company's site. For more details, go to

A US-based hotel management company working with SIM Partners will generate approximately $100,000 worth of incremental, organic SEO (free) web site traffic in 2010 based on optimized Ask-an-Expert content that has been indexed by the major search engines.

"The program is a huge success for the client," Schepke said. "It creates exciting social networking opportunities by turning happy customers into brand advocates, and involves minimal time and internal resources on the part of the hotel company."  

The hotel management company's expert panelists have responded to thousands of questions about resort amenities, customer experience and area attractions.  The Q&A content, on topics ranging from child allergies to military discounts, will drive thousands of unique visitors to the company's website.

Ask-an-Expert is a complete solution that includes hosting, maintenance and support. It can be deployed in as little as 30 days.

About SIM Partners

SIM Partners, based in Chicago, IL, is a full service, interactive marketing agency specializing in innovative, ROI-driven solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies cost-efficiently acquire customers through the use of mobile marketing, search engine marketing  and social media strategies. Our integrated and comprehensive marketing solutions are used by leading companies in the travel, home services, retail, B2B, real estate, financial services and restaurant industries. Our proprietary technology platforms are designed to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals with minimal internal resources. Our offerings include SIM Partners' Local Search Platform, our Text Messaging and Mobile Marketing Platform and Ask-an-Expert. For more information, visit