Sinai Marketing, One of the Top SEO Companies Discusses How Facebook Graph May Affect Search

Feb 24, 2013, 08:40 ET from Sinai Marketing

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Graph Search on Jan. 15.

Although in its infancy, search experts at Sinai Marketing, a dental and legal marketing firm, are considering its SEO implications.

Graph Search is a new service where Facebook users can search their connections for information. Search results are based on information shared by friends and other users. Example: Planning a trip to Chicago? Conduct a Graph Search to find friends who live there.

Graph Search generates results based on data that is completed on users' personal and business pages. The more friends and likes there are, the greater the chance a personal account or page will appear in relevant Graph Search results.

Lorrie Walker, an SEO writer at Sinai Marketing, shares tips for helping a page appear prominently in Graph Search for searches related to a business:

  1. Users should fill in as much information as possible about their business including keywords.
  2. Encourage others to like the page.
  3. Update often with photographs, links and comments.

Doing these things is similar to SEO techniques for websites, says Saeed Khosravi, Sinai's operations manager.

  • Getting likes for a Facebook page is like getting backlinks for a website.
  • Using keywords on a Facebook page is like on - page optimization.
  • Being active on a page is like updating a website with fresh content.

"I think Facebook Graph Search is going to play a vital role for businesses because the results it gathers can be tailored based on where you live," he says.

One characteristic that sets Graph Search apart from Web search, Khosravi says, is Web search helps people discover information on the Internet, while Graph Search enables people to explore information shared on Facebook.

It's early in the Graph Search game, so determining its long - term SEO role is premature, Walker says.

A question she predicts will need to be addressed in the future is whether Graph Search will become important enough for SEO companies to track it along with Google and Bing.

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