Sister Festival in Taijiang County: Love Flowing in the Songs

Apr 05, 2012, 11:42 ET from City Channel of CRI Online

GUIZHOU, China, April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In the stretched and mysterious mountains of Guizhou province, China, lives a group of honest and romantic Hmong people: they gather by song, greet by song, sound out by song, show courtesy by song, express themselves by song... Songs flow in every detail of their families and love. When the winter passes the flowers on the mountain spit and bloom, and the songs become louder, clearer and more pleasant, fully loaded with a yearning for love and leaping in the open and deep sky of Guizhou. The reason for all these is the grandest festival of Miao -- The Miao Sisters Festival comes closer. An original report on this Miao Sisters Festival by City Channel of CRI Online follows:


Where does the Sister Festival come from? There is a legend: long long ago, a family had seven girls and they all wanted to marry good men of Miao. Thus, the sisters went to the mountains and each collected leaves, then cooked a pot of colored glutinous rice and invited young men from all around to come to Shi-dong Village to eat, sing the folk songs and step on the drums. Everyone danced all day long and sang night after night. After three days and three nights of song and dance, the seven sisters had found their Mr. Rights among the hundreds of men and had colored glutinous rice to give their lovers. They then asked them to fix the day for meeting the brides. These seven sisters were the people began free love, the preferential mating in Miao, optimizing the Miao ethnic and developing the cultural blend. And the Miao Sisters Festival became the first oriental Valentine's Day.


The content of the Sister Festival is rich. The performances of songs and dances in various villages include the dance by stepping on the drum, Lusheng dance and bench dance, bamboo dance, fishing dance, pick a mountain dance, engagement dance and dozens of other kinds. While in the performance of songs, there are as much as 18 kinds: flying songs, love songs, drinking songs, drum songs, folk songs, greeting songs and worship songs. The largest and the most exciting dance is the dance by stepping on the drums, which is thundering in Shi-dong village. Young men and women sing gentle love songs with soft emotion. Having been keeping in touch to and fro with a deepening of mutual understanding, then they would fall in love with each other and eventually become husband and wife. In addition to these, there are also the dances by stepping on the drum, bullfighting, fighting birds, horse racing and other activities.


After you go from Beijing to Guiyang airport, then take the direct business bus from Guiyang airport to Carey and go to the Carey state forest steam airport lounge (about an hour for a trip, the whole trip is on the high-speed way for a little more than 2  hours), at last ,you can ride from Carey to TaiJiang.

Miao Sister Festival, "the festival hiding in the flower," nowadays, blooms quietly.


SOURCE City Channel of CRI Online