SiteScout Launches API to Make RTB Accessible to Developers and Entrepreneurs

New API enables mobile, web and desktop apps to interact directly with the RTB marketplace

Jul 23, 2013, 09:30 ET from SiteScout

TORONTO, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SiteScout, the world's leading self-serve media buying platform, today launched a complete application program interface (API) for real-time bidding (RTB). The new SiteScout API allows developers and businesses to leverage SiteScout's global RTB infrastructure in building their own applications and programs. It offers programmatic access to reporting, audience management and campaign management.

With the SiteScout API, businesses can now mesh the power of RTB with their own products, increasing the value they receive from the SiteScout RTB platform. Among many other usages, the API will allow SiteScout customers to build custom dashboards, branded client interfaces and retargeting products.

"SiteScout has always been about empowering marketers, agencies and advertisers, with an accessible programmatic ad buying platform," said Paul Mokbel, CEO of SiteScout. "Our customers were asking us if they could build apps on top of our RTB platform, such as niche-specific DSPs targeting specific market segments. This is why we launched this API: to give them the right tools to create their own RTB-powered ad products. In doing so, we're creating a richer marketing ecosystem and democratizing RTB infrastructure by making it available to developers and businesses of all sizes around the world."

The API uses REST (representational state transfer) to enable programmatic access into the SiteScout RTB infrastructure. The API implements a wide range of features, within the following components:

  • Campaign Management. Clients can now fully control their campaigns through the SiteScout API, creating applications that fully interact with the SiteScout platform and infrastructure. With Campaign Management, clients can do everything from creating new campaigns, to adjusting bids and turning various campaign elements on or off.
  • Reporting. The SiteScout API allows clients to pull data from their campaigns into their own applications or databases. Clients receive access to real-time and historical campaign data on many levels – site, placement, creative, conversion, and so on. They can also retrieve this data on an hourly basis with various levels of granularity. By using date ranges and filters, clients can "slice and dice" data as they see fit.
  • Audience Management. Clients can create and modify retargeting audiences associated with their account, and retrieve the tracking codes for audiences in various formats. They can also retrieve the stats for their audiences for any given time range, giving them the ability to track the growth of audiences over time.

The SiteScout API is immediately available for free by visiting ( SiteScout also provides educational resources for the developer community, including a comprehensive API guide ( and will soon be organizing additional efforts to encourage developers to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that an 'open API into RTB infrastructure' allows.

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Ratko Vidakovic
SiteScout, Director of Marketing

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