SiteZeus Launches Next Evolution in Retail Site Selection

Company combines location intelligence with networked brokerage services to help restaurant, retail and hospitality brands determine their next location

May 18, 2015, 07:30 ET from SiteZeus

TAMPA, Fla., May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SiteZeus today launched the next evolution in retail site selection that combines advanced location intelligence with a seasoned brokerage services team. Designed for retail, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality brands with more than 10 physical locations, SiteZeus refines the real estate decision-making process to determine site and market level performance potential.

SiteZeus addresses the legacy site selection practice which typically involves labor-intensive manual processes, static demographic analysis, inconsistent rankings and decisions based on intuition – all of which results in wide disparities in the unit economics. With the launch of SiteZeus, brands now have access to a real-time, web-based site selection technology that equips them with every single component of predictive location intelligence capabilities.  

In beta since October 2014, SiteZeus has already been deployed by more than 12 emerging restaurants, including PDQ, Bugerfi, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Westshore Pizza and First Watch. These brands use SiteZeus to understand the core attribute drivers for their existing and new locations on a local, regional and national level, ultimately driving more rapid and profitable real estate decisions.

"SiteZeus allows emerging companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to adopt a Big Data location intelligence technology that historically had only been available to established concepts," said Richard Renninger, Chief Development Officer of First Watch and a member of SiteZeus' Board of Directors.

Westshore Pizza also uses SiteZeus' technology to approach new markets. According to CEO Paul Samson, "The amount of time we save during our due diligence process by leveraging SiteZeus allows us to take action much quicker than our competitive set, ultimately resulting in an executed lease."

SiteZeus was co-founded by CEO Hannibal Baldwin, COO Keenan Baldwin and CTO Azad Ratzki, who drew on their experience in technology development and expanding restaurant and retail concepts. Their mission with SiteZeus is to automate the data sourcing, aggregation, analysis and presentation to allow brands and users to essentially become their own site selection consultant.

"We've developed a platform that enables brands of all sizes to take advantage of tools and data that were once cost-prohibitive and reserved for data scientists, analysts and consultants alike," said Ratzki. "Taking this data and transforming it into easy-to-understand and actionable information - that's where SiteZeus steps in."

The technology consumes more than three billion data points across the nation within behavioral demographics, transportation patterns, points of interest, climate, sales cannibalism, social media, SEO and real estate attributes such as parking, access, square footage etc. to produce the most powerful location intelligence available today.

SiteZeus is free for companies that engage in SiteZeus' fully integrated services platform. For companies that opt to use the technology only, SiteZeus offers a scalable pricing structure that allows companies to pay per new site.

About SiteZeus
Based in Tampa, Florida, SiteZeus was founded by Hannibal Baldwin, Keenan Baldwin and Azad Ratzki in 2013. The platform was created when they identified a new way to revolutionize site selection for growing retail/restaurant brands by leveraging big data, fast data, technology and most importantly, simplicity. SiteZeus is the industry's first site selection solution that incorporates both big data-driven location intelligence and real estate brokerage services, designed for retail, restaurant and hospitality brands with 10+ locations.

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