Six Farms, Six States: The Road To Higher Yields Farm Tour

The Mosaic Company's Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour Highlights Yield Progress on The Pursuit of 300? Farmers' Fields

Aug 07, 2013, 12:00 ET from The Mosaic Company

PLYMOUTH, Minn., Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting Aug. 20, The Mosaic Company will begin a 10-day tour across the Corn Belt — coined The Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour — and travel by branded bus to visit six farms in six states to spotlight the crop nutrition programs and experiences of the Pursuit of 300 Farmers as they push for higher yields.


The first full production year of the Pursuit of 300 is in full swing, and The Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour is setting out to showcase the progress of each Pursuit Field, share the successes and challenges faced by each Pursuit Farmer, and provide a unique window into the 2013 growing season of six progressive U.S. farms.

The Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour kicks off Aug. 20 at Pursuit Farmer Mitchell Baalman's farm in Hoxie, Kan., includes a stop at the 2013 Farm Progress Show, and concludes Aug. 29 at Curt and Chris Hudson's operation in Crawfordsville, Ind.

"The Pursuit of 300 is about collaboration, sharing information and real production practices that impact full farm yields," says Kevin Kimm, Senior Director of Marketing at The Mosaic Company. "By visiting each Pursuit Farmer and their retailer, Mosaic is encouraging and engaging in continuous conversations about what it takes to reach the 300-bushel mark."

The Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour Schedule:

  • Aug. 20: Hoxie, Kan. (Mitchell Baalman and CPS Kansas)
  • Aug. 21: West Point, Neb. (Todd Prinz and Central Valley Ag)
  • Aug. 22: Lake Crystal, Minn. (Matt and Luke Lantz and Crystal Valley Co-op)
  • Aug. 23: Holland, Iowa (Dale Launstein and Heartland Co-op)
  • Aug. 26: Walnut, Ill. (James Schoff and Ag View FS)
  • Aug. 28: 2013 Farm Progress Show, Decatur, Ill.
  • Aug. 29: Crawfordsville, Ind. (Curt and Chris Hudson and CPS Indiana)

Each stop along the Farm Tour will feature a two-part morning and afternoon event. The first part will give members of the media an opportunity to talk with an industry-leading Pursuit Farmer as well as take a detailed look into that Pursuit Farmer's Pursuit Field—showcasing the progress of their 100-or-more acres and uncovering the new techniques and practices they've implemented this year in order to push yield while maintaining efficiency. Media members will also have a chance to interview the Mosaic agronomist and retail partner working with each Pursuit Farmer about their experiences in the Pursuit of 300, and factors impacting yield potential and the 2013 growing season. 

Part two of the event includes an off-site educational session, led by Mosaic and the local retail partner, about planning a balanced crop nutrition program, using micronutrients for high-yield cropping systems, and understanding the sustainability benefits of 4R Nutrient Stewardship principles. Mosaic will also share a new video highlighting technique for examining soil profiles, digging a root pit, and identifying nutrients needed to achieve 300-bushel yields.

"In the Pursuit of 300, we set out looking to advance production practices on real farms to ultimately maximize efficiencies and increase yields while keeping sustainability at the forefront," says Dr. Kyle Freeman, Manager of New Product Development at The Mosaic Company. "From soil nutrients, to seed and precision agriculture technologies — we're working to provide growers with a road map for what can be achieved through embracing today's cutting-edge science and agronomic techniques in order to achieve new levels of yield success not reached by previous generations."

Learn more about The Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour and the Pursuit of 300 at Follow live tour updates on Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you to use the hashtag #Pursuitof300 to join the conversation.

About the Pursuit of 300:
The Pursuit of 300 is made up of six progressive farms from six states with one goal: 300-bushel corn. Each Pursuit Farmer has worked with a Mosaic agronomist as well as their local retailer to develop and implement specific yield-boosting plans for their Pursuit Field, which is composed of at least 100 acres dedicated to new agronomy practices. Since its launch in August 2012, the Pursuit of 300 has provided a resource for farmers, retailers, university extension staff and other allied industry professionals to come together and offer their insights to keep yield numbers rising. From seed, fertilizer and crop inputs to equipment and technology advances, the Pursuit of 300 digital hub,, brings together best practices and real-time chronicling of the Pursuit Farmers' journey on their pursuit of higher yields.

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