Six Steps for Email Marketing

Aug 03, 2013, 10:00 ET from

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is a brief talk shared by B2C, which has a wide range of products such as women clothing, men clothing, fashion watches, fashion jewelry, and more.

E-mail marketing can help companies not only in contacting old customers, but also in identifying potential customers. But the truly marketing effect is to bring traffic to the site, and then resulting sales. Email marketing is not as simple as just adding customer emails to a user list.

Here are a few steps to help you optimize your email marketing strategy:

1. Split testing permit marketing form

Split testing is essential among network marketers. It includes observing website and marketing activities in the different variables, this can assess which marketing method can produce the most mail subscribers.

For example, if you cannot determine where subscribe forms should be placed on the website, or what color to use for the "login" button, split testing can identify the most obvious answer of several choices.

Prior to the split testing, remember to view the help section of your messaging system. Most of the top-level mail management systems take comparison tests as a default feature. Such as Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, Constant.

2. Contrast testing of what to send

Contents of messages in particular need split testing. This mainly tests sent emails, this is different than tracking timely messages.

These message test usually tend to publish real time information, such as new product launches and promotions, this information must be impressive. You can test mail headings and the payment button. Even if the CTR and open rates are a little bit higher, email marketing ROI will still have greatly improved.

3. User survey

One of the great benefits owning customer mailbox is you can conduct market research. For example, if you pain in the inventory of brand a or brand b, do not take for granted. You can do a survey questionnaire, and see customer feedback. Through this survey, you can also collect preference data from these customers.

4.  First giving advice before sale

There are too many people that see email marketing as just a sales activity, such people are shortsighted. You can send customer messages that are helpful to them to deepen your relationship. As customers begin to see you as an industry expert, sales are likely to increase along with it.

5. User segment

When you make the message content, which of the following do you think is more effective? Using a generic template with a product, regardless of the customer's purchase history? Or recommendations for users of recently purchased similar products?

The more targeted your message, the better effect you can get. Key point is customer segments - according to the certain common to divide subscribers groups. For example, you can bring the users that to spend a fixed amount each month into a group, or the users will click each product in each message into a group.

In the different business models and different industries, may subdivide users are quite different. But after trying the different target customer segments, your content will be more interesting, more relevant, and finally, sales also increase.

6. Periodically organize user list

If users don't open your mail in the user list, you will have wasted your time and money. Most email sending systems base their pricing on the number of emails sent. Take time to organize the users list every month, it is necessary to remove useless lists.

You can use the search function in your email system to find out those users who no longer open your mail over time, such as in the recent two months, and then remove them. Leaving the user list "clean" can guarantee that email marketing will be more efficient.