Six Steps to Overcoming Debt Problems In a Difficult Economy

Nov 29, 2012, 11:26 ET from InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge Debt Solutions offers a proven strategy and free budgeting assistance to help consumers improve their financial futures

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Debt problems still plague too many Americans as credit card debt continues to remain sharply higher than it was last year, up 5.9% over July 2011 levels according to the Federal Reserve.  The Fed says that the average household is saddled with $15,587 in credit card debt and faced with unprecedented financial challenges during this extended period of bad economic news.


"These statistics show that there are still many Americans struggling with debt problems, but the good news is that InCharge Debt Solutions developed six steps every consumer can take to help them create a brighter future," said Etta Money, InCharge's President.  "Those seeking to get out of debt often struggle to change bad spending habits, cut expenses, and maximize their financial resources.  By following our six recommendations while avoiding impulse spending and bad financial decisions, consumers can actually change their financial lives regardless of the economy."

Effective debt management requires a willingness to change the way money is spent, and an openness to utilize the educational and professional resources that are available.  Here are the six tips to building a solid financial plan, whether you have excessive credit card debt or are finding it hard to change your spending habits:

1 – Look under the rocks.  This is an essential step, particularly for those struggling with credit card debt.  Being open to making tough spending cuts, giving up some luxuries, and changing bad financial decision-making processes are essential.

2 – Change your habits.  Learning how to get out of debt means being willing to do things differently.  Remember the saying, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got."  Don't spend and overspend the way you have in the past, change.

3 – Use financial tools.  Websites like are stuffed with educational materials and interactive tools like home budgeting calculators and even financial video games where you can learn while you have fun.

4 – Pay on time.  It certainly is advice you hear over and over, but it is true.  It is certainly in the top five on the list of ways to build a better financial future.  Paying late fees and over-limit charges is unnecessary, and unwise.  Pay on time.

5 – Do it today.  Our counselors hear from consumers every day who say they got into debt by spending too much today and planning (but never following through) on paying in the future.  Create a spending plan and follow it.

6 – Find help.  Whether you are just struggling to balance your budget or one of the 37% of Americans who have credit card debt, calling an InCharge Debt Solutions certified credit counselor who will help analyze your situation and create a financial strategy for your future.  Do that today also!

InCharge Debt Solutions provides an array of certified counseling services including an alternative to debt consolidation that allows consumers to consolidate credit card bills into one monthly payment, pay debt off faster, lower interest rates regardless of credit score, stop collection calls, eliminate late fees and build a budget and financial plan to follow:

  • Credit Counseling:  Certified credit counselors give free, confidential counseling (online or by phone) and offer an alternative to debt consolidation through debt management programs and free budgeting assistance.  Call 877-486-4924.
  • Bankruptcy Education and Counseling: Take required pre-filing and pre-discharge courses and receive counseling from certified staff.  Call 866-729-0049.
  • Housing Counseling Services:  Get help with HUD-approved foreclosure prevention, first-time homebuyer education and free counseling.  Call 877-251-1882.
  • Servicemember Help:  Specialized help for military families facing financial difficulty.  Call 877-258-9549.
  • Online Counseling:  Free, comprehensive web counseling provides budget building tool, analysis and available solutions from your computer.  Visit:

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