Skimlinks Unveils World's First At-A-Glance Content Monetization Tool for Digital Publishers

Skimlinks Editor Displays Critical Content Marketing Information Directly Inside Google Chrome, Enabling Faster Decision-Making and Increased Affiliate Revenue

Nov 22, 2013, 11:17 ET from Skimlinks

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Skimlinks, the leading content monetization platform for digital publishers, today unveiled Skimlinks Editor, a new web tool that helps publishers maximize revenues by providing them with an effortless way to view—at a glance—all the information they need to make informed decisions on how they monetize their content.



Skimlinks Editor, available at no cost on the Google Chrome Web Store, is the ideal web companion for editors as they create content. With Skimlinks Editor, editors are automatically notified of monetization opportunities and are empowered to instantly compare commission rates across merchants to ensure that they are maximizing affiliate revenue. At the same time, real-time price comparison technology enables editors to direct readers to merchants with the most competitive pricing.

"As digital commerce continues to explode around the world, we're working to make the interaction between digital content and commerce seamless, transparent, and valuable for both readers and publishers," said Alicia Navarro, CEO of Skimlinks. "Skimlinks Editor is the next logical step in this progression, enabling an effortless experience for editors to determine the merchants that provide the most value to them and their readers."

"We're continually impressed by the ways in which Skimlinks seeks to better service publishers at the moment of content creation," said Erin Pettigrew, vice president for leading digital publisher Gawker Media. "Skimlinks' new Editor tool is another innovation in that direction. The Editor allows us to monitor retailer relationships and manage linking while we're creating content rather than requiring us to move out of our workflow. Basically, it's bringing the tools to the customer rather than requiring the customer to go to the tools. Great direction."

Skimlinks Editor features and functionality:

  • Monetization opportunity notifications — As editors browse merchant websites, the unobtrusive Skimlinks Editor Chrome extension will change color from gray to blue, indicating a Skimlinks partnership that can generate revenue.
  • Commissions at a glance - With a single click, editors can view referral fees for merchant websites in the Skimlinks network. If a merchant is a "Skimlinks Preferred Partner", the Editor will highlight their increased commission rates.
  • Real-time price monitoring - As editors create affiliate links, they can use Skimlinks Editor's real-time price comparison technology to offer readers the best value on items across popular merchants.
  • Link shortening and social sharing - With Skimlinks Editor, editors can effortlessly create shortened affiliate links and email or share them across social media networks.

"With Skimlinks Editor, I'm able to see whether a merchant is partnered with Skimlinks—and what my commission will be—without needing to log in to the main Skimlinks dashboard and manually search," said Paul Cunliffe, affiliate manager at Future Publishing. "Being able to shorten links from directly within Skimlinks Editor is a huge time saver; we create content on our iPad editions and we need to use the shortened links and place them into the copy before going to press. This tool is incredibly useful for short-cutting that process, and because it's a browser extension, it's easy to get my editorial team to download and use it instead of the full dashboard."

"Skimlinks Editor is very, very cool," said Dianna Baros of The Budget Babe. "I love that all of the critical monetization details are available at a glance; I no longer need to log in to see what my commission will be or whether a merchant is part of the Skimlinks network. Skimlinks simply works its magic on any qualifying link."

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