Skin Whitening Trends in India: Opportunities Arising From Changing Perceptions of Fairness Among Consumers

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Skin Whitening Trends in India: Opportunities Arising From Changing Perceptions of Fairness Among Consumers


The skin whitening segment in India is set to grow on account of rising skin tone consciousness across consumer segments. As achieving product differentiation is a challenge amid greater consumer awareness and an increasingly competitive marketplace it is integral for manufacturers to identify key opportunities and an understanding of the Indian consumers' attitudes.

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The skin whitening segment in India has evolved significantly over the past five years. For a long time, fairness as an attribute was perceived to be a female-specific pursuit. However, this attitude changed considerably now. The segment grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 16% during 2005–09.

There has been a noticeable shift in demand, from products that simply claim to make one fairer, towards products that have a holistic, enhancing effect on the skin. Consequentially, several fairness brands in India have undergone a shift in their brand positioning to align with a new, more evolved definition of fairness.

On the back of such strong drivers, the skin whitening product segment has witnessed one of the most rapid growth trajectories in the Indian male personal care industry over the past few years, and continues to be promising. The value of the segment has almost doubled over the past four years.

Your key questions answered

* What are the key consumer trends in the segment?

* What innovation and marketing strategies work/ don't work in the Indian skin whitening segment?





Introduction: deeply rooted cultural attitudes to fairness are being commercialized in an evolving personal care marketplace


Trend: "benefit-clubbing" in fairness product offerings is driving innovation in launches

Delivery of the fairness proposition tends to differ in male and female personal care products

Trend: growing demand for and availability of premium solutions are drawing sales away from mass brands

Consumers' perception of "fairness" is changing with the introduction of higher end offerings

Trend: the nascent men's skin whitening segment is undergoing a period of rapid growth

However, despite the growth potential demonstrated by the male skin whitening segment, the female consumer segment is still the key to value growth in the overall category

Trend: there is an increasing focus on "fairness brands" in the marketing communications of personal care brands

Skin whitening brands have become increasingly focused on communicating tangible benefits through advertisements


Fair & Lovely: a mass female proposition


Fair & Lovely has exhibited flexibility in market positioning

Corporate social responsibility initiatives promote a "female empowerment" brand image

Ability to fend off competition through a presence in various consumer segments

Fair and Handsome: a mass male proposition

Brand history

Fair and Handsome has been able to connect with its target audience through strong brand association

Celebrity endorsement is a significant factor of the brand's appeal across a diverse set of consumers

Multiple benefits offered at a reasonable price appeals to the value- and time-conscious Indian male consumer

Pond's White Beauty: a premium female proposition

Brand history

A distinctive "pinkish white glow" proposition differentiates Pond's White Beauty from competition

Vaseline Men: a male premium proposition

Brand history


Evolving concepts of fairness are driving widening opportunities for industry players



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