Skyera Provides Comparative Criteria to Help Enterprises 'SWaP' Disk-Based Storage for Solid State

No excuse for delaying solid-state implementations

Oct 01, 2013, 12:57 ET from Skyera Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- While many enterprises have expressed interest in deploying solid-state storage solutions, the decision to do so is often complicated when faced with the cacophony of metrics by vendors touting their particular strength while downplaying the parameters in which they lack, say experts at Skyera Inc., founded by an executive and engineering team with unsurpassed backgrounds in the solid-state, storage and networking arenas. 


To help make the decision as to whether solid-state is an appropriate choice for virtually all of an enterprise's storage needs, Skyera has proposed a system based on key storage selection criteriaSize, Weight and Power, Performance, Plug-and-Play and Priceor SWaP4. Based on a formula pioneered by the U.S. military to reduce the size, weight, and power—aka SWaP—of its various systems, SWaP4 delivers a reliable way to determine which flash solution is truly the most advantageous.

By evaluating storage purchasing criteria based on multiple factorsoperating cost drivers, performance requirements, ease of deployment and acquisition costsrather than simply one that a vendor may choose to emphasize, companies are able to make an apples-to-apples comparison of various solutions to help determine the best approach to storage for their particular organization's needs.

"We hear a lot of excuses from companies about why they aren't ready to implement solid-state storage, with the most-frequently cited excuse being confused as to what the technology can actually do for them due to vendors overemphasizing one particular facet while downplaying the importance of several others," said Frankie Roohparvar, COO of Skyera. "By introducing the SWaP4 criteria, we are empowering enterprises with a valuable tool to alleviate the confusion they may be facing, with key metrics that all vendors should be able to supply. By thoroughly understanding how each solution stacks up against competitive offerings, customers will no longer be in the dark as to what specific solid-state technologies provide."

Skyera has changed the enterprise storage dynamic significantly with its groundbreaking new storage platform that combines affordability and performance in the only viable all-Flash array to break the price barrier for mainstream enterprise storage. 

SWaP4 metrics for the skyHawk 44TB capacity solution are:

  • Size 0.5 rack units
  • Weight 20 lbs.
  • and
  • Power 350 watts
  • Performance 500,000 IOPS
  • Plug-and-Play 10 minutes to deploy
  • Price $2.99 per GB

Companies looking to "SWaP" their current storage for enterprise solid-state storage can compare the criteria of the skyHawk 44TB capacity solution with theirs.

After evaluating the solutions, interested parties looking to move beyond traditional storage systems into the new era of storage can contact Skyera for more information about "SWaP"-ping their existing storage systems for a disruptive solid-date storage system that delivers unparalleled performance, speed and capacity while minimizing the cost of power, consumption and floor space.

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